The Boston Celtics fight for last place (and brighter future)

Brad Stevens

These Boston Celtics aren’t supposed to win, that is abundantly clear by just taking a quick glance at their roster. Through the first days of the season, that adage has held true with Boston dropping its first two games of the season. This will become a common theme throughout the season.

Losing isn’t fun, especially when it happens consistently, but in the NBA it is necessary when trying to rebuild a franchise. In other words, trying to secure a very high draft pick, where there might be a potential franchise player. It’s the dirty little secret to getting better in the NBA, you just can’t ask your players to purposefully be bad, or your coach to be terrible.

Brad Stevens, the Celtics new head coach, is supposedly already angry at how his team is playing. This is understandable, as any coach wants his team to play well, and win. It’s ironic, however, that his boss, Danny Ainge, would probably prefer the team to keep losing to secure a better draft pick.

This doesn’t mean the Celtics haven’t had any bright spots so far. A nice surprise has been Vitor Faverani, the big Brazilian rookie center. He is adept in the low post, and capable of using both hands effectively, which isn’t too common these days. Also, his defensive presence in protecting the rim has been better than expected so far. Obviously, it is very early, but if Faverani can keep pace in his rookie campaign, the Celtics may have themselves a key piece going forward.

Jeff Green is another positive so far, in that he has played aggressively, driving to the hoop. That should be his game consistently, but he is passive by nature. Nonetheless, if he keeps playing like this, the least it will do is boost his trade value, which would do wonders for the Celtics.

The lack of cohesion seems to be getting on some veterans already. Gerald Wallace has already called out the team for playing selfishly. It’s not surprising Wallace feels this way. He’s a veteran that’s in an undesirable situation of being on a team that isn’t designed to win now, and he isn’t in the long term plans of the franchise either. He wants to win now, which isn’t going to happen. His value is in the that he hopefully teaches the younger players how to be professional, and as a potential trade chip.

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All in all, the Celtics really shouldn’t be more pleased so far in this very young season. A potential steal in Faverani being the best development so far, as well as the veterans Green and Wallace trying to implement their styles of leadership on the team, be it vocally or by example.

With Rajon Rondo coming back from his injury, the Celtics will gradually pick up some more wins a more regular basis. This is why the Celtics really couldn’t have started out any better in piling up those losses now. Sure you always want to win now, but sometimes in order to win in the future, you have to sacrifice the present. So losing is seen as a good thing in these quarters and really, what could be better than that?

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