VCU Basketball: VCU’s talent shines against Cal U (PA)

VCU’s talent shined against Cal U (PA) during their final exhibition game. On Saturday night, HAVOC was unleashed in the Verizon Siegel Center as the Rams defeated the Vulcans 92-54. VCU set the stage for the game as they kept California scoreless for the first 4:37 of the opening half. In addition to stopping the Vulcans from scoring points, the Rams defense was on fire as they forced many turnovers midway through the first half and they didn’t let up throughout the course of the game.

2012 VCU vs California (PA) exhibition game (Photo Credit: John Tatum)

2012 VCU vs California (PA) exhibition game (Photo Credit: John Tatum)

As for baskets made, the Rams had eleven of their players score and four out of those eleven made it to double digits. Having eleven different players score is promising for the Rams because it shows how many players they have on the team who are capable of getting points on the board.

Freshman Doug Brooks took the lead as the highest scorer with 14 points. His lead was impressive as he fell right above Senior and veteran Juvonte Reddic, who had 12 points. Watching the newcomer Brooks lead the team in points scored was exciting and exemplifies much of what fans saw during the exhibition.

Witnessing the new members of the team share their upbeat chemistry and talent with the seasoned veterans was inspiring. Fans watched the team have fun, support one another and showcase their talent. Players repeatedly smiled, laughed and cheered one another on which further shows how well they get along. Shaka Smart must be proud to lead such a talented, fun loving group of men.

2012 VCU vs California (PA) exhibition game (Photo Credit: John Tatum)

2012 VCU vs California (PA) exhibition game (Photo Credit: John Tatum)

Loosing Troy Daniels looked to be a big hit on VCU’s 3-point game, but this matchup demonstrated the outside shooting talent they still have. Shooting 45%, VCU had one of their best games when it came to 3-pointers made.

Scoring 92 points isn’t surprising to anyone who watched the game because VCU’s ball movement was on point. Coach Smart’s fast paced HAVOC plays were in full force as the Rams passed the ball quickly as ever. Plays on offense were executed quickly and helped the Rams gain a large lead and keep it throughout the game.

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As for a little history lesson, Coach Shaka Smart’s past with California’s Coach Bill Brown goes way back. Coach Smart has referred to Coach Brown as a “father figure” in the past as he got his first coaching position as the assistant coach for the Vulcans under Brown. With this in mind fans can appreciate this matchup and assume that both coaches had a great time facing off against one another.

VCU will open their season at home against Illinois State next Friday November 8th at 7:00pm.

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