Miami Heat: Where is the energy?

The Miami Heat seem to be lacking something. The defending champs haven’t been playing with that swagger they had during preseason. Don’t get me wrong, they still have their swagger, but not for the entire game. How can any team expect to win after being down by double figures?

Yes, the Heat are talented and have proven they can come back after being down early but that’s not going to win a championship.

The Heat are currently 2-2. Opening night against the Bulls was a good showing. They looked championship ready, but game two against the Philadelphia 76ers, and game three against the Brooklyn Nets were not good. Where is the energy? usp-nba_-indiana-pacers-at-miami-heat-3_4

Last Friday night, the Nets gave Miami everything they wanted. I knew this would happen because as Paul Pierce has said many times, “They want what the Heat has”.

Who doesn’t? What team doesn’t want the best player in the world, a powerful “big 3”, and a team that’s been to the finals three years straight? The Brooklyn Nets are basically the Boston Celtics in a new city, but better. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett have never liked LeBron and probably never will. After LeBron took away their championship hopes three years straight, I’m sure they want what he has even more.

Now that the Heat have Ray Allen, that probably disgusts Garnett and Pierce too. I can talk for days about how much they don’t like the Heat and LeBron but overall, the Nets are a solid team. Can they be championship contenders in the East? It’s possible, but if the Nets play like they did against the Orlando Magic last night, the Heat will put them back into their place.

Miami won’t be able to do anything if they don’t get their energy back. So far, they don’t have the drive they had last year. LeBron isn’t running around blocking shots, slamming dunks, or even hustling.

The Heat looked lackadaisical during the Nets game until the fourth quarter. Maybe it’s because it’s early and they are getting back into their groove, maybe this is part of their strategy; to start out slow and end strong.

I don’t know what the problem is but in order for the Heat to win another title this season, they have to start games better. It drains them more than anything to come back late in the fourth quarter after being down by double figures. If they already are within reach, it won’t be a problem for the Heat to blow away opponents late in the game.

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The Nets sent the Heat a message Friday night. They want to take them out and will most likely play the Heat like that every time this season.

Last night’s game against the Washington Wizards was better for the Heat. They won, but I still didn’t see that energy, that explosiveness, but I truly believe it will come. It’s early in the season and I’m hoping that’s the problem.

The “Big 3” played exceptionally well. LeBron, Wade, and Bosh combined for a total of 69 points. Nobody can beat the Heat when the “Big 3” puts up numbers like that. I believe the Heat will be fine but they have to get their energy back; that’s their style of play. No team in the league can run with Miami. We’ll see tomorrow night when they play the Toronto Raptors if they come out ready to play with explosiveness and a lot of energy.

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