North Carolina Basketball: Could Marshall land in Boston?

UNCBBLogoKendallMarshallIt seems that there is a bit of interest in the former North Carolina point guard Kendall Marshall. The team that people have brought up over and over are the Boston Celtics, who have begun the 2013-14 season 0-4 and are still without the services of their starting floor general Rajon Rando.

The Boston Globe wrote the following about the former Tar Heel…

The Wizards wasted no time in waiving Shannon Brown, Malcolm Lee, and Kendall Marshall from the trade with the Suns, putting three intriguing players on the free agent market. Marshall is a pass-first point guard whose style never fit with the Suns, but he could serve as a solid backup for a building team. The Celtics would likely be interested in Marshall if his salary didn’t push them above the luxury tax and make them a repeat offender, something ownership desperately wants to avoid during this rebuilding phase.

For Marshall, who has just had one year in the Association and has not yet had the chance to prove whether or not he is worthy of a spot on an NBA roster, any offer seems good at this point. On the other hand, having followed the guard’s career once he was in the NBA, I am feeling like this could very well be history repeating itself for the 22-year-old guard.

How so? Marshall went to the Phoenix franchise ready to learn from their starting point guard, Steve Nash. He left the team pretty soon after that, and the franchise went in a total different direction.

In Bean Town, Rondo’s name has come up several times when speaking of trades. I would hate to see that the Celtics ship him off and then go looking for someone else in the offseason, once again putting Marshall in a bad situation. Will that happen or not, that remains to be seen, but I sure would hate to see the young man go through the “coming to learn and the guy leaves” routine that he had with the Suns.

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Right now, with Rondo out, the Celtics have Avery Bradly, a third year player, who is day to day an injured left index finger, and Phil Pressey, who has played a total of four minutes in the regular season at the point. So, especially until Rondo comes back, there seems to be an emergency at that position for the franchise.

In the end, as it stands right now Marshall needs any chance to get back into the mix. Will he ever be a starting point guard in the NBA? Probably not, but many have made carriers by being role players in the pro’s and there is no reason why Marshall could not be one that follows that path.