North Carolina Football: For Renner the season is over

UNCLogoPre Hit of Renner's injury_FotoSketcherHow does the old saying go… “Beware of what you wish for, as you might just get it”. This is how some of the North Carolina fan base must feel now that fifth year senior Bryn Renner has been ruled done for the season, meaning, done as a Tar Heel, due to the shoulder injury that he suffered in Saturday’s win over rival NC State.

From an article on Inside Carolina Renner spoke about the injury after the game…

“It doesn’t feel too good at first when it’s kind of hanging out,” Renner said. “I can’t explain it. Once it gets back in, it feels a lot better…

“I thought it kind of just slid out of place like it has before, but it was kind of hanging after.”

But, after more tests it showed that there was a lot more damage than anyone had thought. Enough damage that now the program has said that for Renner his season and college career is now over.

While I am sure many UNC fans might have wanted a switch at the quarterback spot, no one ever wanted it this way. But now it will be up to red-shirt sophomore Marquise Williams, who started vs Virginia Tech when Renner was not able to go and then has split time under center, to get the team to six wins, in what I call the “thrive for five”.

Team StreamIt will be interesting how Williams will do now that it won’t have Renner as a “safety net” for long downs. And also, as I said in my recap of the game, it is going to be up to the coaching staff to protect the sophomore as much as possible. Something not so easy as he is a dual threat QB, and loves to run.

In the end, the road to .500 for the season is looking a bit harder, and like another saying goes, the back up quarterback is always the most popular player on the team. Well, Williams is now the starting QB, and let’s see what happens from here on out!

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