Atlanta Falcons: Freddie Falcon’s Faux Pas

ATLANTA, GA- On Sunday after representing the Atlanta Falcons at the AFSP Suicide Prevention Walk, Freddie Falcon, the mascot, tweeted, “Had a good time at the #ood suicide prevention walk today. I may need to go back if our season continues the way it is.”

The tweet was posted after the loss to the Panthers. This could’ve been a public relations nightmare, but during the same afternoon since the insensitive tweet was posted another tweet stated, “I am truly sorry for my inappropriate and insensitive tweet. It was in poor taste.”

Since then an official spokesperson for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention issued this statement in reference to the tweet, “For the more than 1,000 survivors of suicide loss who participated in today’s walk, suicide prevention is no laughing matter. We hope everyone who joined us today, including Freddie; support our vision for a world without suicide.”

The Out of the Darkness Walks are AFSP’s signature fundraising campaign that brings together families, friends, and supporters of the organizations efforts in hundreds of communities nation-wide.

Usually, Freddie Falcon is caring and respectful to all individuals. (Photo Credit:  D. Orlando Ledbetter)

Usually, Freddie Falcon is a caring and respectful to all individuals. (Photo Credit: D. Orlando Ledbetter)

Now we all know that Freddie Falcon is not a single person. He is a small part of the Falcon’s organization that gives a bit of humor and whimsy to the fans, so of course following the football-loving bird on twitter can be humorous.

However, when organizations that have important goals to the communities of America are involved as the butt-end of jokes, it’s hard to laugh; even in a private setting with close friends the atmosphere may quickly become sour. The twitter page has been relatively inactive since those tweets had been issued.

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Obviously this is not an appropriate look for the Falcons because the team and organization alike have been making a commitment to improving the Atlanta and metro-Atlanta areas by taking part in the popular Rise Up campaign. Also linebacker Sean Weatherspoon started the SPOONful of Hope Foundation in 2011 to provide low income and inner-city youth in the greater Atlanta area with better opportunities to succeed.

Regardless, the team will now have to be even more careful as they are already upsetting the fan base with the play on the field, now they’ll have to check the staff off the field to ensure complete consistency.

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