Seattle Seahawks: the good and the bad from Sunday

The Seattle Seahawks overcame a 21-0 deficit at home against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win  27-24 in overtime. While a win is a win and there were positives to extract from the game, there is definitely also cause for concern.

Tampa Bay is better than their record indicates, certainly. But let’s get real here: Seattle should not have had such a scare on Sunday.

Analysts have their eyes on the Seahawks as the top team in the NFC, and ESPN has them ranked the number four team in Week 10 power rankings behind the Chiefs, Colts, and Broncos. Now, for a team so highly regarded as Seattle, a home game against a struggling team, and that’s putting mildly, should have been less of a challenge than it turned out to be. This game was a chance to put doubts of their Super Bowl caliber to bed. Instead, the result of the game intensified thoughts that Seattle won’t be able to win the tough playoff games to reach the Super Bowl.

Indeed, Seattle won’t be facing teams like St. Louis or Tampa Bay come January. They’ll be up against contenders like San Francisco, New Orleans, Green Bay, and Chicago. Seattle won’t be able to afford coming out of the gate slower than a sloth shot with a tranquilizer; if they fall behind early, they won’t be able to crawl their way back.

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Russell Wilson (Photo Credit:

That’s not to discount the comeback that Russell Wilson led during the second half. He put the team on his back and battled to a tough win. The Seattle defense, in addition, found the solution to shutting down Mike Glennon and Mike James, though they still allowed over 150 rushing yards. This comeback win is a testament to the Seahawks’ resiliency in the face of adversity and is worth praising.

That said, Seattle needs to get it together, and fast. If games like these have to be described as question marks for Seattle, then what are upcoming games against the Saints and 49ers? Three question marks and a helpless shrug? Needless to say, Seattle can’t keep giving up rushing yards like this and cannot start out so flat in the first half, as they have done the past two weeks against less than stellar teams.

Comeback wins are exciting and all, but Seattle fans shouldn’t have had to hold their collective breath on Sunday. Despite it highlighting Seattle’s resiliency, this result is a step in the wrong direction for the perception of Seattle as a contender.