VCU Basketball: VCU vs ISU, season opener Friday

VCU vs ISU- Rams face off against the Redbirds in their season opener tomorrow night.  As VCU fans know, the team has a decent mix between seasoned veterans and new recruits on their team. ISU, on the other hand, has a team largely made up of new players. Last season they led the Missouri Valley Conference in points per game. Unfortunately, with three players graduating, three transferring and one being kicked off the team; the Redbirds had to essentially build a new team. Two of ISU’s graduating players were top scorers and with the loss of them, the Redbirds had to fill the void. With eight new players who are eligible to play, it’s hard to predict exactly what ISU will bring to the Siegel Center tomorrow.

Illinois State University (Photo Credit: Joe Robbins/ Getty Images)

Illinois State University (Photo Credit: Joe Robbins/ Getty Images)

With the new dynamics of Illinois in mind, what VCU can expect is for guards Nick Zeisloft and Kaza Keane to bring fire on offense. Zeisloft lead ISU in 3-point shots last season and Keane lead the team in assists per game. Two match-ups that will be exciting to watch are ISU’s guards Zeisloft and Kaza against VCU’s senior Rob Brandenberg and freshman Doug Brooks. Brandenberg is one of the Rams strongest players as he has the experience under his belt with the team and talent with 3-pointers. On the other hand new player, Doug Brooks, has proven himself during the preseason. Brooks was the leading scorer in last week’s exhibition game with 14 points.

NCAA Basketball Tournament - VCU v Indiana

ISU’s powerful offense should be a great match for VCU’s speedy defense. With many of VCU’s players being, like ISU’s, the young chemistry may make for interesting plays on the court. As for team stats, when it comes to records VCU slays ISU. VCU went 27-9 last season while ISU went 18-15. On the other hand ISU scored more on average last season with 76.9 points per game. VCU averaged at 74.5 so the game should be a good one to watch.

Tipoff will be at 7:00 Eastern Time in the Verizon Wireless Siegel Center.

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