Buzzer beater stuns Miami Heat

Jeff Green hit a game winning three-pointer over LeBron James as time expired to hand the Miami Heat a loss at home. The Boston Celtics won 111-110. It’s rare that you see the Heat losing at home and they made plenty of mistakes leading to this disappointing loss. LeBron James was questionable to play before the game due to ongoing back discomfort.

“Im not 100 percent; my back is not where I want it to be,” James said. “But I could still be effective. I thought I was tonight. I just didn’t make enough plays to help us win,” according to the Associated Press.

Despite LeBron’s back problems he still played a good game. James had 25 points and 10 assists. With his solid performance you would hope that Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade would help him out and they did. Bosh played a solid game scoring 20 points and Wade finished with 18 points. When you look at the numbers the Heat didn’t play a bad game but some key mistakes were made and if you watched the game you know exactly what I’m talking about. hpg1011_wade6_dal1_110531

The Heat is a mature and experienced team. LeBron and Wade have been to many finals and have played a lot of games. You never would’ve thought that Wade would make the mistake he made which was deliberately miss his second free throw with 0.6 seconds left. The shot would’ve put the Heat up by two points so I see what Wade was thinking but he missed the rim and no time went off the clock. His plan backfired and I bet he won’t do it again because it cost them the game giving the Celtics an opportunity to get a play set up. Green made the shot over LeBron after the pass was launched across the floor which never should’ve happened.

The Heat should’ve never been in this position to begin with. The Boston Celtics are young and in a rebuilding stage so they shouldn’t be able to run with the Heat. Miami led the game but let it go when it mattered most. They need to do better as a team. The intensity needs to be there for the entire game. It’s either they come out weak and have to fight back from a double digit deficit, or they start out hot and let up. This is a reoccurring theme that I’ve noticed. They start out slow against sub-par teams and start out hot against contenders. This is proven by the Bulls, Nets, 76ers, and Clippers games.

Miami needs to be more consistent with their mentality. They need to enter every game with the mindset that no matter who they play, they’ll get the best from that team. This is what happens when every team in the league wants to knock you out and take what you have. I know Miami realizes this but they need to regroup and start playing like a championship team almost every game if not every game. I know it’s hard to play at the level of intensity every game but they may have to.

It’s early in the season, that’s why I’m not worried. It will take time for the Heat to completely get back into their groove but it needs to happen soon. Coach Erik Spoelstra will have them ready for when it matters but as of now Miami is giving teams a lot of confidence by the way they’re playing. LeBron needs to get back to 100 percent, Wade needs to stay healthy, and Bosh needs to continue to put up numbers and grab rebounds. With the “Big 3” working together the rest of the team will fall into place. The Heat’s next game is Tuesday night against the Milwaukee Bucks’.