The New York Yankees’ A-Rod saga continues

The whole offseason for the New York Yankees hangs on two things: What will Robinson Cano do and what will happen to Alex Rodriguez.Alex Rodriguez

Well, the Rodriguez saga continues to take new turns in every direction as it was reported that Rodriguez walked out of his hearing in the arbitration case involving his 211-game suspension.

Rodriguez denied using performance-enhancing drugs before admitting to using them in 2009 and so his latest challenge of more PED use is hard to believe but he is making a case for himself. In his hearing on Wednesday, Rodriguez slammed his hands on a table and cursed a major league executive while storming out of the room, calling the hearing an “abusive process” and a “farce.”

He went on the airwaves in New York to publicly deny his involvement with Biogensis while calling out Commissioner Bud Selig. Rodriguez’s whole case is that Selig should face him and testify under oath in the hearing. Arbitrator Frederic Horowitz has refused the request of Rodriguez to have Selig testify which led to the newest saga in this circus.

Although a circus, Rodriguez may have a point; Selig should testify in the case. If one side, Rodriguez, will be testifying under oath, then the other side, Selig, should be obligated to testify as well.

Selig should answer the call on how he came up with a 211-game suspension while every other player got only 50 games. He should testify how the star of his former team, Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun, was suspended for only 65 games eventhough he failed a drug test and tarnished the reputation of a simple sample collector, more egregious actions than that of Rodriguez.

MLB officials are punishing Rodriguez for trying to cover up the case and trying to buy the records that they indeed bought after they were stolen, they are punishing him for supposedly doing exactly what their own investigators did.

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In the age of Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Mark McGwire where Selig was at the head of the table and allowed this farce to go on, he now thinks his reputation can be saved before his impending retirement as the guy who cleaned up the sport by punishing Rodriguez for Bonds, Clemens, and McGwire’s deeds.

Rodriguez deserves to be suspended, he has cheated the game and the fans which is something we can all agree on, but Selig needs to testify and say why he deserves more games than anyone else in history. He needs to answer why his hometown outfielder got off with 65 games even after damaging people’s lives while Rodriguez will be serving more than twice as many games without harming anybody but his dumb self.

It is time for this circus to be over and it is time for both men to face each other in court under oath, and maybe, just maybe, then the truth will prevail and the Yankees will have a clear path to follow.

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