Big Ten Football week 13 rewind

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75-15 with roughly fourteen or fifteen games left to pick…a week of regular season action, the Big Ten title game and then as many as eight bowl games.  But as far as drama, if that is what you are looking for…then I suggest you look elsewhere….cause there ain’t no drama here.  Before we turn our attention to rivalry week, bitter cold temperatures and turkey, let’s look back on week twelve shall we?

Michigan State-30  Northwestern-6…..CORRECT…..congratulations to the Michigan State Spartans for clinching a berth in the Big Ten title game.  I said it early on this season that the Legends division crown goes directly through East Lansing and for once, I was correct.  Mark Dantonio has done a brilliant job this season with his team.  I do question some of the shuffling he did early in the season with his quarterbacks…especially in the non-conference portion of the schedule (where would they be if he hadn’t put Maxwell in for the final drive vs ND?)…but it is tough to argue with the results…and if you know me, I can argue against MSU all day long…but man are they a good football team.

Iowa-24  Michigan-21….CORRECT….The Hawkeyes scored an unanswered 17 points in the second half to beat Michigan.  Defensively, Michigan played ok, but I could see them wearing down…it was a lot like the Nebraska game where the Wolverines played really well defensively all game long, but then just got worn out late in the fourth quarter….this week in Iowa City, they just got worn out earlier…a sign they have just been on the field for too long.  I suspect there will be a rather uncomfortable meeting between UM athletic director David Brandon and coach Brady Hoke within a week or so about the future of the Wolverines…just quickly looking things over…Rich Rodriguez teams records did get better each year…Hoke’s haven’t…they’ve actually been getting worse….real interesting off season in Ann Arbor.

Illinois-20  Purdue-16….CORRECT….Congrats to Tim Beckman for his first conference win…it has been a long time coming..the Fighting Illini had lost 20 consecutive conference games until Saturday…now they can use this to build on to head into their season ending clash with the Wildcats.  Nathan Scheelhaase played pretty well…24 of 30 for 257 and two TD’s…but he did throw two INT’s….the x-factor turned out to be HB Josh Ferguson…he ran 20 times for 115 yards…I guess you could also throw WR Steve Hull into the x-factor category too…all he did was haul in 10 passes for 169 yards and both of Scheelhaase’s TD passes.  Purdue head coach Darrell Hazell has one last shot to make this season successful…and it is beat your rival…and when push comes to shove for Boilermaker football…(because they will tell you, Purdue is a basketball school) all that matters is you beat Indiana.

Wisconsin-20  Minnesota-7….CORRECT….The axe of Paul Bunyan will stay in Madison for a 10th straight year….the Gophers were completely shut down by a tenacious Badger defense.  The Gophers mustered just 185 total yards.  Now what did I say about this game?…Wisconsin would grab an early lead and force Minnesota to try to throw the ball to move it and that would be the Gopher downfall?….something like that right?…Philip Nelson was just 7 of 23 throwing the ball for 83 yards and one of the worst QB ratings I have ever seen from a Big Ten QB…his was 6.2…So now the Badgers have to beat Penn State this weekend and hope for Ohio State to beat Michigan State in the Big Ten title game to get a BCS berth.  Should be fun tv this weekend.

Ohio State-42  Indiana-14….CORRECT….the Buckeyes won their 23 straight football game and it was over, just like the last few OSU games, in the first half.  The Buckeyes are a machine offensively…there are some weaknesses on the defensive side of the ball…but it is very hard to determine if those are due to actual issues with schemes and personnel or is it just because of a lack of interest….it doesn’t really matter in the big picture…they will not have to be good this weekend or possibly even the weekend after that….but as long as Braxton Miller and the rest of the offense is on the field, the Buckeyes will be just fine.

Nebraska-23 Penn State-20 OT…..MISS….did anyone see this game?…if so, then you have to have seen the insane personal foul call on the Corn player for a clip on the Nittany Lion as Ameer Abdullah was 6 yards ahead of him running untouched into the endzone in a game where Nebraska was trailing by three with time running out in the fourth quarter…what a horrible call and it forced OT when Nebraska should’ve won outright… was also the game that kept me from going 6-0….and then Penn State kicker Sam Ficken misses a FG in OT….boy oh boy…you gotta feel for that kid….Bo Pelini is the king of 9 win seasons…all hail the King…

  • Joe White

    You simply cannot lose more than 4 more games.