Who steps up into the “Big Three” for the Duke Blue Devils?

The great Duke Blue Devil teams have always had a “big three” to lead their teams.  As recently as last season, they had Seth Curry, Mason Plumlee, and Ryan Kelly to help lead the team.  Every Duke national championship team has had a great trio at the forefront.  With this season’s team, the question is who are Duke’s Big Three?

Duke Blue Devils has a big two, but has not yet had a third step up to help the other two.  The big two this season is easy to see; they are Jabari Parker and Rodney Hood.

Parker has had twenty points in every game he has played so far at Duke.  He has filled up the stat sheet in many of the games he has played in, as he is leading the team in scoring and rebounding.  He has been nothing but great so far and has been the best player for the Blue Devils as a freshman.Rasheed Sulaimon

Hood has been the next best player for the Blue Devils and with Parker, makes a great duo.  Hood has been great in almost every game this season, and even had a game when he scored thirty points.  He has stepped up since the Kansas game, the only bad game he had in this young season.  Hood should be great the rest of the season for Duke, and he will help Parker out on the offensive side of the ball.

The problem for Duke this season is that no one else has stepped up to fill the need for a big three.  For this to be a great season for Duke they will need someone to step up for them other than Hood and Parker.

The two likely candidates to fill this role are Rasheed Sulaimon and Quinn Cook.  Neither one of them has been consistent so far.  It seems like it will be the same story as last season for them: two great players that can get lost in the action.

Cook has had a few great games with his assists, but his scoring hasn’t been there and his assists have been inconsistent.  Some games he has stepped up, and seemed like he gets that this team needs him to be more of a passer than anything else, but has been inconsistent.

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Sulaimon is another player that could fill this role, and might be the best bet to help Parker and Hood.  Sulaimon can score with the best of them as he has showed during a few games this young season, but since he has been starting have gotten lost in game for Duke.  This is something that happened to him last season, but it was more accessible because he was a freshman.  He will have to step up if this team is going to find their potential.

Duke will need to find that consistency from either Sulaimon or Cook to be a great team this season.  If one of them can step up it will be a great season.  It is still early and one or both of them could realize what they need to do, and make sure that they can fulfill their role and make sure they are involved in every game going forward.

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