Michael Beasley’s role for the Miami Heat

Michael Beasley has been a good addition for the Miami Heat. He has proven that he still can play the way he did back in his Kansas State days, and that he can adapt to change.

Throughout Beasley’s career he has been a key player. He has always been a starter but coming off the bench for the Miami Heat isn’t a bad thing. What exactly is Beasley’s role?untitled

I’ve noticed that some games he’s the sixth man and other games he’s the seventh or eighth man. With Ray Allen, Norris Cole, and Shane Battier coming off the bench too, it would be hard for Beasley to be a consistent sixth man but I think it’s slowly going to happen. Why?

Beasley makes an impact every time he enters the game. Though his minutes are low (he’s averaging 16 minutes a game), he makes every minute count. When Beasley played for the Heat from 2008-2010 he averaged up to 29 minutes. When he played for the Minnesota Timberwolves he was averaging up to 32 minutes, then with the Phoenix Suns he dropped down to 20 minutes. He’s proven that he can handle a lot of minutes and still put up good numbers across the board.

Although Beasley is at his all-time low for minutes played, he has been efficient. It’s early in the season and the NBA season is very long but if he stays at the rate he’s playing at; he’ll be a huge difference maker. Beasley currently holds a 54 percent average for field goals for this season, making 49 of his 90 shots. He also is 44 percent beyond the arc. Adding 81 percent from the free throw line, and 45 rebounds grabbed, you can say Beasley is doing his job.

His job is to bring energy to the court when LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, or Chris Bosh is on the bench. Beasley’s job is to grab rebounds and fill up space in the post when the Heat are playing small. Beasley’s job is to play smart, and not only make good decisions on the court, but off the court too. He has done all of these things so far and I commend him for adapting to the Miami Heat team. From all that he has been through with the recent troubles in Phoenix and overall immaturity, he’s done well.

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Pat Riley obviously believes in Beasley because he’s giving him another chance while other teams in the league wouldn’t. Coach Erik Spoelstra believes in Beasley as he continues to put him in games when the Heat needs an extra push or to simply just maintain the league. The Miami heat players believe in Beasley as they continue to implement him in gameplay by setting him up for good shots, and feeding him the ball in the post. It even seems that Beasley believes in himself as he brings fire, resilience, and energy to his game.

He’s playing with a chip on his shoulder because the league counted him out. His past teams counted him out due to how he acted off the court. Critics put Beasley in the “thug” category; the player who had talent but no morals off the court.

Now, Beasley is on the right team and I believe he’ll play a role in the Heat getting a 3-peat. His playing time is slowly creeping up and he’s proving that he can be the Heat’s sixth man. The Heat are currently on a 9 game win streak and play the Detroit Pistons Tuesday night at 7:30.

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