North Carolina Football: The perfect game day is…

Sports FanThis blog post comes thanks from the picture below by Christy Robbins LeBoeuf (you can check out more of her North Carolina pictures here). The picture took me back to my childhood, when my neighbors were avid New York Giants fans, and would not miss a home game and what they would do on game day.

They were a bit older than your usual tailgaters, and did not like the chill/cold that could be the Meadowlands parking lot come November and December, so they would opt for a trip to their local brunch place, which was a bar/restaurant in New Rochelle. I remember going with them and their son to games and heading to the watering hole first and then off to venue.

The prepared fan

While the parents had the usual ritual of eating at “their place”, which by the way was owned by someone who was a Jets fan, the son could not go to a game unless he had his NY Giants football and was wearing his Giants sweatshirt. The one that he only wore for the games at the stadium. He did have another one, but that one was for the away games or when he could not make it to Giants Stadium.

Iona JacketDating myself here, but I was in high school when Iona College were relevant in the standings, having cracked the Top 25 for most of the season and were headed to the NCAA’s. One of my high school professors would wear an Iona jacket (a bit like the one posted) each and every day that the team played. While I am not sure if the teacher did go to any or all of the games, it became a habit that the day after a game we would get the run down from him. The story goes, even if not confirmed or denied, that in the first round of the NCAA Tournament the professor did not wear the jacket, as he left it at home and his friends would not go back, and the Gaels would be knocked out in an upset.

Since, due to the distance, I do not go to many UNC games it does not mean that I do not have a tradition. Each game, about 15 minutes before the beginning of the game, until half time, and then again as soon as the second half until the end of the game the phones are off! The cell completely and the house phone where the television is. Why? Cause when I am enjoying Carolina I do not want anything/anyone to disturb me!

So, with the football season over, let me ask you this simple, if maybe untimely question… what would your perfect North Carolina football game day tradition be? From where you would eat, and if it is a tail gate what would be the one or two things that must be cooked, what you would wear, who you would go with and what you would to after the UNC won the game. And of course anything else I might have left out.

Leave you replies in the comments, or if you reply by twitter I will place them below here, and if you answer on Facebook I will cut the section and paste it in here once all have answered.