VCU Basketball: Rams stay out of the Top 25 after a successful week

VCU’s beloved Rams stay out of the Top 25 after a successful week. With their losses in Puerto Rico, VCU was dropped from the NCAA Top 25 rankings. Fans hoped winning against Northeastern and Belmont this week (week 4), would improve their standings, but, the Rams remain out of the AP top 25. On the other hand, VCU did remain on the Coaches’ poll dropping from No. 10 to 24.

Playing at home against Northeastern, VCU finally showed they remembered how to perform their basics. One of the weaknesses fans saw early in the season was the Rams inability to finish plays. VCU is known for their talent when it comes to forcing turnovers, but they weren’t scoring off those turnovers. Fans finally saw their Rams stealing and scoring against Northeastern as they forced 16 turnovers and scored 11 points from them. Additionally, the team improved, once again, with shooting. They made 50% of their field goals. Fans can finally start to trust players when they set up and shoot the ball as opposed to biting their nails doubtfully.

Treveon Graham of the VCU Rams

Treveon Graham of the VCU Rams (Photo Credit: Chris Conway)

VCU traveled to Nashville, Tennessee and battled Belmont last night. Breaking Belmont’s 23- home game winning streak, the Rams played smart and steady. Coach Shaka Smart looks as though he has been working on getting his teams’ endurance up because they performed their best during the second half. One of the biggest advantages Coach Smart used in previous seasons was his teams’ speed, a speed that never dwindled throughout the game. This season it looked as though the team, old and new, were getting tired and sloppy during the second half. Fans saw an immense improvement against Belmont as they came back after the half with a 22-2 run.

Senior and big man Juvonte Reddic is finally back. Reddic seemed to be laying low in the beginning of the season but he is finally back in action. A fan favorite, Reddic is not only a leader on the court; he is a powerhouse under the rim. Unfortunately, that powerhouse title does get Reddic into trouble on the court from time to time. He committed 11 personal fouls throughout his three games in the Puerto Rico Tip-Off last week. Not surprisingly, he had 9 of them during VCU’s lost games. In addition to fouls, Reddic wasn’t shooting as often or as well as fans were used to seeing.

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Senior, Juvonte Reddic celebrates the teams win over the Kansas Jayhawks (Photo Credit: REUTERS Mike Stone)

Senior, Juvonte Reddic celebrates the teams win over the Kansas Jayhawks (Photo Credit: REUTERS Mike Stone)

Things turned around against Belmont as Reddic got the Rams on the scoreboard early in the game with a crowd-pleasing jump shot. From there he appeared to be energized and exuded more of the confidence fans know he has. Reddic scored 18 points against Belmont and rounded out his impressive game with 11 rebounds and 3 steals.

When Reddic is back on his shooting game and is running the court, he does much better with fouls as he finished the game with only 2. Fans can get excited about seeing the Reddic they know and love back on the court against Easter Kentucky this Thursday.

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  • Melissa Stephenson

    Thanks for noting my mistake, I apologize for the wrong information. I looked at the Coaches’ Poll and didn’t realize that was the ranking I was referring to. All Fixed!

  • Mike

    I thought this story would have been corrected already. What’s taking so long in noting the error and deleting this post? It’s not good journalism to keep it around without a note about the obvious mistake, which was an easy one to make since one would have thought VCU would have not DROPPED in the polls after winning two games, including a tough one at Belmont.

  • Ben

    The AP and USA Today Coaches Polls come out each Monday around 1:00. The AP one is the “official” poll for some reason. They never fell out of the top 25 in the USA Today Coaches Poll after Puerto Rico, but went to #24. It has since been updated to show that we have fallen out of the top 25 in both polls after this past weekend

  • Billyvcu

    Great stuff ash but they slid this week for some unknown reason. I thought they would’ve at leafs moved up a couple spots. Good news is Dayton and umass climbed up and it will add to our rpi once we put them away!

  • RAMRN12

    I’m thinking she may have started writing this Sunday night, before the Monday polls came out. We were only #24 in the coaches poll last week, not even the AP poll. I can’t believe no one caught this before it got posted though.

  • Rams101

    Wait they’re not ranked in the ap poll or the USA today coaches poll… So which poll are they ranked 24??