Arsenal stay up top as Gunner’s midfield continues to dominate

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After a thorough three-goal victory at Cardiff City, Arsenal have improved upon their spot at the top of the Premier League for yet another week.  Arsene Wenger’s side has been firing on all cylinders in the past month in both league and Champions Cup action.  As we move towards mid-season, the London club seem to be proving their intent on the title despite injury woes.

The Arsenal midfield, specifically, has been purring lately.  Without the options of Podolski or Chamberlain, and with Walcott just returning to fitness, Wenger has been forced to play central midfielders such like Wilshere and Ozil out of position on the wings.  It seemingly hasn’t slowed Arsenal down, as they continue to march towards the winter transfer season on top and in form.

Aaron Ramsey shined again in a match that set him against the club with whom he developed as a youngster.  He led the scoring on the day with a brace, ringing up his season total to 13 goals in all competitions.  Although he was brilliant on the day, he was respectfully conscious not to celebrate his contributions.

Jack Wilshere showed much improved form compared to recent appearances.  Ramsey and he really seem to be finding their way together in the Arsenal midfield.  Flamini, who joined the match-play as a substitute, came on as a solidifying force in midfield.  He was also responsible for guiding home the London club’s second goal of the day.  Ozil is also playing as though he is the final piece of the puzzle that the club had been previously missing.  He linked the entire team together and assisted two of his sides goals.  Furthermore, he did so out of position on the right wing.

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Arsenal, now seven points clear at the top of the Premier League table, look a squad that has settled within itself.  And with players coming back from injuries, it is difficult to argue against a full-strength Arsenal squad making an honest attempt at the title.  The real question marks still lie in Arsenal’s defense.  Per Mertesacker has made it clear he is a tactically competent defender.  However, his pace, no matter how solid his mental game may be, is a weakness for Arsenal.  With shoddy backups such as Jenkinson to fill in on odd weeks, there will surely be some mishaps at the Arsenal back in the remaining season.

It is still early goings, but Arsenal’s skilled midfield, coupled with Arsene Wenger’s calm hand, show a new identity for the club this season.  This new attitude is one of quiet confidence and solidarity.  Wenger’s side will be looking to quiet critics with their play on the pitch in the coming months, as they reach for a goal they’ve failed to reach since 2004… the Premier League title.

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