Can the Columbus Blue Jackets get their season together?


I’m going to be honest; it’s hard to remain optimistic about the Columbus Blue Jackets (10-14-3). They are beginning to look like most other teams that come Ohio; ones that have the talent to succeed yet always seem to fall apart at critical moments. While their record may not seem terrible, the Blue Jackets have blown many chances that they have had to win.

The coaches even acknowledge that the team is not able to come together during the critical moments of a game, especially during the second period. What makes it worse is that the team has proven that they have the talent to be successful, as seen by their recent 6-0 win over the Toronto Maple Leafs (14-10-3).

That being said, their amazing wins are overshadowed by their clumsy losses. They followed that amazing win with a 4-0 loss to the Nashville Predators (13-11-3). The team is still failing to gain the momentum they need to continually win games.

It’s not like they’re losing to teams that have amazing records. For the month of November, the Blue Jackets lost eleven of their sixteen games with three of the losses in overtime. But, those losses with the exception of the Pittsburgh Penguins (18-9-1) and the Boston Bruins (18-7-2) were all against teams with comparable or worse records. Furthermore, the games against tough competition did not result in complete blowouts. It is clear that the team came to those games prepared to face a tough team, and while they lost they were able to remain in the game for most of it.

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Overall, the team needs to do a better job preparing for teams that are comparable to them. It shouldn’t be expected for the Jackets to beat some of the powerhouses in their new division, but they should be able to bring in more wins against teams with similar records.

Now I don’t want to add the Blue Jackets to the list of “joke” Ohio teams that contains the Cleveland Cavaliers and Browns, but it is important that they really focus on coming together and working through the areas they have struggled. Many members of the team have had moments of greatness already this season, so as soon as they can continue to have them the team’s season should turn around.

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