Miami Dolphins still afloat in playoff race

As the season is beginning to wind down, the Dolphins are fighting for one of the two wild card playoff spots. The Dolphins are currently second in the AFC East, after defeating the Jets 23-3 on Sunday. They are second behind none other than the 9-3 Patriots. The Patriots will more than likely clinch the division, so it’s up to the Dolphins to obtain a wild card spot.

This task will not be easy as one of the teams currently in position to do so are the 9-3 Chiefs. The Chiefs will only need to win one or two more games to clinch their playoff spot. This scenario leaves only one playoff spot left. The current front-runner for the final playoff position is the Baltimore Ravens, standing with a parallel record to the Dolphins: 6-6. The bad thing for the Dolphins is, if they both end the season with the same record, the Ravens will get the playoff spot due to the fact that they defeated the Dolphins earlier this season.

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This past week, the Dolphins were able to dominate on both sides of the ball. Ryan Tannehill was able to torch the Jets’ defense, throwing for 331 yards and three touchdowns.

Tannehill has the potential to put up big numbers, but his biggest problem has been to have the ability to do it consistently. Part of the reason for his struggles has been because of the running game.

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In Sunday’s game, the running backs had 22 carries for 72 yards. While this may not seem like a lot, it made the offensive seem more balanced. If the Dolphins can get a similar amount of production from Lamar Miller, there will be less pressure on the Tannehill and the passing game.

The Dolphins’ defense was able to hold the Jets to 3 points, allowing only 13 completions and 99 rushing yards. The Dolphins’ defense has been very good the past few games. If they are able to keep up the performance, and the offense can continue their play, other teams beware. The Dolphins are in the hunt.

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