North Carolina Basketball: Tourny of Champs .. 95 vs 05

It's game time... 1994-95 (0-0) versus 2004-05 (0-0)

It’s game time… 1994-95 (0-0) versus 2004-05 (0-0)

And here we go, it’s the first game of the Computerized North Carolina Tournament of Champions with the `94-`95 team against the `04-`05 team, with the next game going on later on tonight. Let’s just say a few name for both sides, with the older squad have Jerry Stackhouse and Rasheed Wallace on the floor, while the young squad seeing Raymond Felton and Sean May on theirs. Before I put the recap and all the links let me just say that this is a computer generated game and whatever the score is the score is. (Please Note: I am not sure if the links to the games stay on forever, so if the links are broken I apologize in advance).

Off of a 7-nothing lead, thanks to a score by Rashad McCants, Sean May and Raymond Felton, the younger squad takes a 36 to 32 lead into the locker room. It could have been a bit larger of a lead if not for an “and one” by Rasheed Wallace with less than a minute to go in the half. (Play by Play)

The second half begins with the older squad cutting the lead to a deuce, with Jeff McInnis and Jerry Stackhouse scoring, and then with a pair of buckets by Stackhouse the `94-`95 squad takes a 40 to 39 lead with less two minutes gone in the second twenty minutes.

However McCants drills a mid range shot, steals the ball from Wallace and gets a lay up to put the `04-`05 team back up 43 to 40. With about a dozen minutes left in the half the two teams are divided by the slightest of margin, with the 2004-05 having a 51 to 50 lead.

That one point lead is still there when the seven minute mark comes closer and closer thanks to a Wallace dunk, putting the score 64 to 63 for the younger team. From then on the `04-`05 team took a bigger lead, but it would be cut back to four points, when Donald Williams hit a trifecta to bring back the `94-`95 to four points from the `04-`05. Unfortunately it would not be enough as the younger team wins by the final of… (Play by Play)


Sean May had a double double with 11 points and 11 rebounds for the 2004-05, on the other side it was Rasheed Wallace getting one as well 13 points and 10 rebounds, while Jerry Stackhouse coming close to 29 and nine rebounds. Raymond Felton led all with a dozen assists, while Rashad McCants led the younger team with 21 points.

Both team struggled from beyond the arc, with the `94-`95 team hitting 4 for 15  (26.7%) and the `04-`05 4 for 14 (28.6%), but where the game could have been won is that the 2004-05 hit more free throws, 20 for 29 (69.0%) than then 1994-95 shot, 14 for 17 (82.4%).

With the first game over the `04-`05 is 1 and 0, while the `94-`95 is 0 and 1