North Carolina Football: SI has Ebron in 1st round

SI has Ebron in 1st round, Hurst no

SI has Ebron in 1st round, Hurst no

As usual, roaming around to find something about North Carolina I arrived at an article on the Audible, written by Chris Burke (Sport Illustrated) where he does a NFL mock draft. And of course I went looking to see if they any of the Tar Heels in theirs. They did, but only one…

SI article

…I found it interesting that the author does not think that Ebron will be available at the 20th slot, but still placed them there. As I have said in my first and second post about where the young man and where he would go, I still think he will be headed to Green Bay. On the other hand, if Ebron was to slide this low I would prefer him going to New England than to Arizona.

One thing that I was surprised was that offensive lineman James Hurst was not in the first round. Of course all of this will change as the National Football League ends and the correct draft order comes out. But for now it is interesting to see where Eric Ebron is being targeted at.