Pittsburgh Steelers: NFL fines Tomlin for sideline shuffle

During the Pittsburgh Steelers’ loss to the Baltimore Ravens, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin caught heat for standing very close to the side line during a Jacoby Jones kick return.

Jones was able to break loose on the kick return and it appeared that he was going to take the kick to the house. Pittsburgh’s Cortez Allen caught him from behind just slightly after Jones passed Tomlin on the sidelines. Tomlin was supposedly watching the kick return on the stadium’s big screen, standing very close to the side line. Just before Jones would’ve hit him, Tomlin shuffled away from him.

Baltimore Ravens

Jacoby Jones and Mike Tomlin controversy (NBC, twitter.com)

Tomlin addressed the situation during his press conference on Tuesday afternoon.

“I will take this unfortunate incident, this blunder on my part and in doing so, I will honor to stand up and champion our game, and in particular, the National Football League, and the integrity of that,” Tomlin said. “It’s all that I have professionally. It’s been very good to me in my life, and to be honest with you, quite frankly, the winning of any game is not important enough for me to jeopardize that. As head coaches, we’re held to higher standards of conduct, and that blunder fell woefully short and in that vein I accept the repercussions of a blunder of that nature”

The NFL has personally fined Tomlin $100,000 and is still looking into whether or not the Steelers will lose or have a modified draft pick in the upcoming draft. Once the draft picking order is determined, this will be sorted out.

I have to agree with the large fine on Tomlin. The play probably cost the Ravens four points and it does hurt the integrity of the game.

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Now when you look at all the video footage of the play, to me, it’s hard to believe this wasn’t intentional. The Steelers are a desperate team and were playing a desperate game. That play would have been killer to the Steelers had  Jones returned the ball for a touchdown. However, we can’t jump to conclusions.

I’m sure more will come about this story but for now Tomlin will have $100,000 less in his bank account.

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