Why your fantasy football team did not make the playoffs

Baltimore Ravens

Ray Rice (Photo credit: Amy Sancetta/AP Photo)

Didn’t make the playoffs in your fantasy football league? As you look back on the season you must have wondered what mistakes you made, how to improve, and how to get over not making the playoffs. Here is a look at the top 5 reasons why your team did not make it to the postseason.

Early busts

If you selected Arian Foster, C.J. Spiller, Doug Martin or Ray Rice in the first round, you may not be in the playoffs. These guys just did not show up to play this year and have cost you a spot in the playoffs. You relied on these running backs to carry your team past your opponents and they ended up hurt or splitting carriers.

Too slow on waiver wire

As the clock strikes 12:01 and it is Tuesday morning you must be awake and ready to grab that free agent if your league doesn’t have waivers. Waivers or not, there were plenty of solid pickups this year to select and if owners were not quick enough to grab players of the likes of Julius Thomas, Nick Foles, Julian Edelman or Andre Ellington, they missed out on potential trade bait or a replacement on their team.

Bit by the bug

Every year players get injured, you just have to hope it’s not players on your team. Doug Martin, Arian Foster, Reggie Wayne, Randall Cobb and Aaron Rodgers were big names that got hurt this year and greatly affected your team. The worst part is finding a replacement who will pick up the production of the injury player. But sometimes it is hard to find a player to pick up so late in the season and desperate moves or trades must be made.

Giving it away

At first, it sounded like a good trade, but looking back on it you regret trading Peyton Manning or Jamaal Charles. Bad trades always occur and could have thrown you off course this fantasy season. That one trade probably cost you too much of your core players, or maybe you abandoned depth and it bit you. The production wasn’t worth it and now you’re sitting watching other teams in the playoffs.

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Bad, bad, bad luck

Things just didn’t work out. Some weeks you started the wrong kicker and you lost by one point. Having success in fantasy requires some luck and this season you may have not had it on your side.

Good Luck to all owners in the upcoming fantasy football playoffs!

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