Big Ten Football championship game preview and prediction

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Well loyal readers…another Big Ten regular season comes to a close this Saturday with the Legends Division champ, the Michigan State Spartans playing for all the marbles against the Leaders Division champ…the Ohio State Buckeyes….let’s get on with it.

#10 Michigan State (11-1, 8-0)  vs  #2 Ohio State (12-0, 8-0)     8:17pm     Fox:    The Buckeyes lead the all-time vs the Spartans 28-12…they have never met at a neutral site venue.  Ohio State has won eight of the last nine meetings but Michigan State won the last time the teams met in Columbus back in 2011.  I really have been looking forward to this matchup for a few weeks…the unstoppable force meets the immovable object.  It seems recently that in these big or highly anticipated matchups that the offenses usually take center stage.  Most will anticipate the same thing here…I think OSU’s offensive coordinator Tom Herman has illustrated more tendencies to adapt to what opposing defenses are doing to try to stop his offense than MSU defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi has.  Narduzzi’s defense seems to be like a bull in a china shop…rampaging, aggressive, and attacking until the opponent has nothing left to give.  The Buckeye offense will adapt to that.  It will be really interesting to see if the Spartan defense can stop the OSU rushing attack…I am betting you will see a gameplan from MSU similar to the Notre Dame game…they will lineup to stop the run and go man on the Buckeye WR’s and be aggressive…remember that?….4 pass interference penalties (and a strange substitution with Andrew Maxwell)  gave the Spartans their only loss this season…I think a bruised and battered Braxton Miller gives one of his best performances on Saturday night and the Buckeyes will win it 31-14.

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  • Robin I. Solomon

    I think Ohio State beat Michigan State last year by one point.

  • Robin I. Solomon

    Other than that point, I hope your prediction is spot on! :)

  • Shane Shepherd

    Wow! You really think that the Defense that your coach says is the best he has ever seen will allow 31 points? I really question your judgement.

  • Jimbo Sports

    Your article is WRONG…. How can I believe any of it when you don’t even know the last time they played? Ohio State beat Michigan State last year 17-16. Your article states “Michigan State won the last time the teams met in Columbus back in 2011″. Do your research before writing garbage !