Green Bay Packers: Should Aaron Rodgers play if cleared?

Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers (Photo Credit: David Welker)

The Green Bay Packers had a November to forget.  Quarterback Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone and the team went 0-4-1.

There were two positives however:  The team still has a chance at winning the division, and Rodgers grew a pretty sweet mustache.  After getting clobbered by the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving, the Packers sit one and a half games behind the Detroit Lions with only four games remaining.  With a must-win game on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons, one question certainly has to be asked to head coach Mike McCarthy:  should Aaron Rodgers play if he is cleared by the team doctors?

Considering where the Packers are in the division race, I think that once Rodgers is healthy, he should play.  The Packers have not been the same team since Rodgers broke his collarbone.  Seneca Wallace, Scott Tolzien, and Matt Flynn have all tried to fill his shoes, but have had limited to no success.  The defense has been getting torched, partly because it has been on the field the whole time since the offense hasn’t been able to move the football.

Also, if the Packers want to see if Rodgers feels comfortable during game action, this week would be the best week to do it.  The Falcons, like the Packers, have been a team that has suffered many injuries throughout the season.  The Falcons playoff chances have been dead for some time now, and they have only managed to win three games this year.  Their defense has also had trouble generating any type of pass rushing, having only 22 sacks on the season.

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Aside from all of the frustrations the team has been hit with, the return of Rodgers to the Packers will hopefully boost some energy that seems to be lacking.  The Packers have had their chance to show that they could win without Aaron Rodgers.  Unfortunately, they played and didn’t win five straight games with their leader watching from the sidelines, proving that this team goes as Aaron Rodgers goes.  The moment he is cleared, Aaron Rodgers should play.

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