Manchester United 0-1 Everton: Merseyside comes back to bite Moyes

 manchester-united-v-everton-premier-20131204-215348-818Manchester United fell at home to Everton for the first time in 21 years under the guidance of new manager Roberto Martinez.  The Toffees found their victory through an unlikely late goal.

The manager of Manchester United is always under pressure.  Every match is an anticipated victory for fans who have nothing but the highest expectations.  Especially when it comes to home matches.  Old Trafford has been a fortress for the world-wide beloved club.

However, as David Moyes poised himself to face his former club Everton, the pressure has never been greater for the man.  Surely he realized the implications of the result.  If he is to grab the reigns of Manchester United and establish himself as the right choice for Sir Alex’s successor, he needs to show that he can do what his predecessor did… and that is to win games at home… convincingly.

Unfortunately for Moyes, his side was unable to produce.  Rooney and Welbeck made fine attempts but both found only the woodwork as a reward for their efforts.  The majority of the game was marked by unimpressive play.

It was the unlikely hero of Bryan Oviedo who would bring victory for Everton.  The defender only found his place in the squad due to the injured Leighton Baines.  With only four minutes remaining in regular time, Oviedo converted a cross for the winner from a very acute angle, bringing glory to Everton and misery to Moyes.

The Manchester United manager was jeered by spectators from both sides.  Everton fans chanted mockingly at their former manager who was so quick to leave Goodison.  United fans moaned at their new gaffer as they saw their club slip 12 points behind Manchester City and into 9th place in the league standings.

Roberto Martinez was received in opposite fashion as Everton supporters cheered on their new manager.  Martinez did, afterall, manage a feat that Moyes had failed to achieve in his entire 11-year tenure at Everton.  The young manager has really showed talent in his new role and has quickly won over one of the most intense and loyal fan bases in English football.