Mexico Soccer: The lion the witch and the Chicharo; the fairytales over for Javier Hernandez

Michael Reagan Getty/Images

Michael Reagan Getty/Images

Javier Hernandez’s fairytale at Old Trafford seems to have reached its end. The “Little Pea” must now commit to the painful task of putting Manchester United behind him.

The January transfer window will be the perfect time for the Little Pea to finally bid Old Trafford adieu.

Certainly, so much was expected from Hernandez on a long-term basis at United. He looked to be United’s future. But, even after a remarkable year in 2010 Hernandez never became a priority for the Red Devils. Labeled a “super sub” he was always going to be on the outside looking in. Hernandez was instead utilized more as a good luck charm. Which quite honestly functioned pretty well for Sir Alex Ferguson. But that’s because Ferguson understood how to utilize Hernandez perfectly.

On the other hand David Moyes still very new to managing United is drawing blanks.

Which is extremely bad new for the “Little Pea”.

Moyes taking the reigns at United was always going to bode problems for the Hernandez. With a couple of months of the Barclay’s Premier League behind him and very few minutes to show for it, its apparent that Hernandez needs to pack is bags and make his exit soon.

With the World Cup drawing ever so near, time has run out for Hernandez to win his place. It is an infinite struggle to win a place on a top team.

A team such as United retains far too much status for a player like Hernandez. At international level where he is a pivotal figure one can see his confidence diminishing. Which is without a doubt due to a lack of playing time.

It is troubling to see that even when United’s top striker Robin Van Persie is sidelined Hernandez is still yet to acquire minutes on the pitch. It is safe to say that Hernandez is not fitting into Moyes’s plans.

If Hernandez wishes to remain a pivotal figure for El Tri in Brazil he must escape his wondrous life at United. The honor of being the first Mexican player at Old Trafford is already history. It is now time to move on.

The Little Pea needs to focus now on preparing for the World Cup and regaining his confidence. Right now he needs to do what will in the end benefit him as a player in the long run.

United isn’t exactly top of the table at the moment anyway.