Rasheed Sulaimon: Where you at?

Rasheed Sulaimon had an inconsistent freshman season at Duke; some games were great but in others looked like he got lost.

For Sulaimon, this season is looking to be more of the same.  He started the season coming off of the bench, and was able to play pretty well.  After the couple good games, he was given the starting spot in an effort to help Jabari Parker and Rodney Hood carry the scoring load.

While in the starting lineup, he looked like he couldn’t play with Parker and Hood.  In the four games he started, he averaged less than five points a game.  It looked like he would be better off coming off the bench, and that is exactly what coach Mike Krzyzewski did.  But even when Sulaimon went to the bench after starting he has looked lost in games.

He has the talent to be a major factor for the Blue Devils this season.  He just isn’t consistent enough to be one of the main players for this team.  He is one of the best players on this Blue Devils team, and could be a NBA prospect if he could learn to play every game.Rasheed Sulaimon

Sulaimon is great with the ball, but when he isn’t the focus of the offense the rest of his game suffers.  He doesn’t play well on defense, and doesn’t move well without the ball.  He needs to play better, and learn how to play off of Parker and Hood.  Parker is by far the best player for the Blue Devils, and is a great player to play off of, but when teams start trying to take him away it will open up Sulaimon.  He will have to be ready for a role change, especially playing great teams or when they get into ACC play.

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Another player in the equation that could help get Sulaimon involved in the game is Quinn Cook.  He is the point guard and a very good passer.  If he can make it a point to get Sulaimon started early in the game it might help him the rest of the game.

Sulaimon is a great player, and has great potential going forward.  He has to adjust his game this season to be a player off of the ball.  He should be able to step up when he is called upon.  He is dealing with one of the best coaches in the history of college basketball, so the chances they work him in to be a contributor is pretty high.

He will be fine going forward, and should start getting involved on the offensive side of the ball.  Coach Krzyzewski is a great coach, and look for him to start putting in plays designed for Sulaimon to get him going offensively.  The Blue Devils and Sulaimon will be fine going forward, and hopefully for Blue Devil fans they will be able to find Sulaimon’s game.

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