Washington Redskins must stay the course

Today on the radio I heard a pair of local talking heads pose the question “who is first to go, Mike Shanahan, RGIII, or both?”

Are you kidding me?  Washington Redskins nation, listen up. The Skins had a fantastic run last year, but that does not qualify them an upper echelon team in the NFL. Everyone on that team caught fire, that was not a great team. That was an average team that got hot at the right time. The Redskins are having the year we should have expected them to have. Redskins fans, we are responsible for some of this misery. Wset the bar too high.

There was an expectation for RGIII and this Washington Redskins’ offense this season to resume right where they left off last season. Why? Griffin played zero preseason games leading up to his return from his ACL injury. He played like someone who had experienced an ACL injury: scared.

I still don’t feel like Griffin was ready to come back and would have liked to see him share time with Kirk Cousins, who spent his entire offseason preparing like a starter. Another reason the offense has not been as explosive is due to the fact teams had an entire offseason to prepare for the read option which a plethora of teams now use. Defensive coordinators all around the league were motivated to prove that this read option is nothing more than a fad much like the wildcat offense.

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With Griffin’s recovery, we expected to see a whole lot of Alfred Morris as the success of the Redskins offense is predicated off the run. Morris is having another great season and could be doing better, but due to the Skins god awful defense, running the ball when down multiple scores is just not an option.

The circumstances which the Redskins faced heading into this season were peculiar, and to expect a level of success which resembles that of last year is completely unreasonable. It’s not bad coaching, it’s not RGIII, it’s the fact that this is not a strong and consistent assembly of talent.

The media is overreacting, my fellow Redskins supporters, let’s all calm down. Give this coaching staff, give this team time. Give the organization two more drafts, alright? Please friends, for the love of our Washington Redskins, be patient. Stay the course.

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