Atlanta Falcons: Green Bay Packers preview

The Atlanta Falcons are still on the road as they travel to Lambeau Field to face off against the 5-6-1 Green Bay Packers who have been losing since they’re beloved QB Aaron Rodgers left five weeks ago with a collarbone injury.  With Rodgers possibly out another week, the Falcons have a better chance at winning. Tony+Gonzalez+Green+Bay+Packers+v+Atlanta+92NT8ihbj-dl

Aaron Rodgers hasn’t been ruled out or in at this point. It’s a medical decision if he is cleared to play and if he’s ruled out this game, he might be out for the season to prevent further injury in an already busted season. He’s gone through several testing this week to see if his injury has healed enough to show that he won’t reinjure himself by playing Sunday. But according to NFL media insiders, its highly doubtful that he will play. Currently, Rodgers is practicing on a limited routine.

If the Falcons coaches and staff want to win this Sunday, they will obviously allow the run game to take the lead and give Antone Smith a chance. For some reason, this guy has been on the bench for four years and he has given the Falcons two rushing touchdowns in his four carries this year and the coaches still won’t give him more carries.

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Matt Ryan still will once again have a hard time this week and face many big hits as a result of the horrible offensive line. Last week they were giving Ryan crazy snaps and even stepped on his foot, causing him to just give up a sack. The matchup that I’m afraid of is Clay Matthew vs. Lamar Holmes. Matthews has just came back from his injury and is still proving to be the dominant player the Packers are used to, and if that’s the case, the Falcons need to apply for some life insurance for Ryan.

And in the case of the Falcons’ defense, they won’t have to worry much about the passing game, but they will have to worry about Eddie Lacy. The Falcons are 30th in the league in stopping the run and there’s another matchup I don’t want to see. If Lacy has a proficient game then the Pack will go and the Falcons won’t be able to match touchdown for touchdown like they did against the Bills and that game had to go to overtime. The defense would also have to create turnovers as they did last week, and I don’t think we’ll get so lucky again.

Not to take away from the great show the Falcons put on against the Bills last Sunday, but the Packers are definitely a better team injured than the healthy Bills are. And if the same ole same ole shows up again, the Falcons won’t have a win.

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