Luis Suarez clinical display at Anfield lifts Liverpool spirits



After sitting out his ban early this season, Luis Suarez has returned as untouchable as ever.  In recent displays, he has shown more guile and unbelievable finishing ability than any other player in the Premier League.

Specifically in his last feature, he dismantled Norwich City.  Admittedly, Norwich have struggled this season and have been a bit of a punching bag for larger clubs.  Nevertheless, the quality of Suarez was so impressive it bares marveling.

The striker scored four goals in Liverpool’s 5-1 victory against Norwich City this week.  He opened up his scoring on the day in fantastic fashion, chipping the highly-rated John Ruddy from forty yards away from goal.  This shot is so deep, it actually doesn’t do it justice to call it a chip.  Suarez timed a strike that bent out an into the upper right corner in a way that most players only dream of.

For his second goal, Luis showed his finishing class and his supreme attacker’s positioning when he scored from a corner. With a perfectly timed run, he met the ball to curl it into the net with his left foot.

His third goal was simply a wonder to watch.  Suarez gave a magical juggling act between three defenders, chipping the ball over one of them and then volleying his own chip into the right-side netting.  Norwich defenders stood stunned as the Liverpool player celebrated his hat-trick with his teammates.

Suarez was not done yet, though.  In the 74th-minute, he stood over a free kick from about 25 yards away.  Like so many times before, he managed to curl his shot up over the wall and into the upper corner.  With so much pace and movement, poor Ruddy didn’t stand much of a chance.

Since his return, Luis Suarez has hit the field on fire, scoring 13 goals and adding 2 assists in just 9 appearances.  With current form in consideration, he could be well on his way to another season of Ballon d’Or talk.  He hasn’t, however, had a marquee game against top opposition.  Most of his goals have come against weaker clubs.  He has also failed to bring his best on a consistent game-to-game basis.

Liverpool still have a long list of important fixtures in the future.  Suarez will have more than enough chances to prove his worth and consistency against the best of the Premier League.  If he can maintain his current form, as well as stay out of the spotlight for the wrong reasons, there is nothing stopping him from being the best player in the league this season.

With his ability to shoot from deep and finish from close range, his courage to take on people, and his motivation to score, he is the complete package.  All Liverpool fans need to hope for is that they can keep him on a leash at Anfield, both in behavior and in contract.

Mark Langshaw

Mark Langshaw

The last thing the Reds need is an off-field distraction this season.  Suarez would be best off keeping his head down and letting his play do the talking.

Just as well, the biggest clubs in the world are still in the market for Suarez.  Specifically, Real Madrid, who have been looking for a new striker for their worldwide franchise, will be very interested in acquiring the Uruguayan come summertime.

Despite his antics, Suarez is beloved by Anfield and it would be an irrecoverable loss for Liverpool to lose him.  If Liverpool wish to elevate their position within the Premier League, they will need to hold on to world-class talent.



Check out these highlights of Suarez’s goals against Norwich: