Minnesota Vikings: Cassel gets the start in Baltimore

Week 14 is upon us and with four games remaining in the Minnesota Vikings’ season, it’s no surprise the Vikings are switching starters once again. Yes, Christian Ponder is sidelined due to injury but this marks the 7th time the Vikings have changed their starting quarterback this season. Head coach Leslie Frazier has confirmed Matt Cassel as the starter in Baltimore against the Ravens Sunday. Cassel played well in the Vikings’ overtime win against the Bears. He threw for 243 yards with a touchdown and an interception in the win.

However, the question still remains: who is the Minnesota Vikings’ starting quarterback? It seems Leslie Frazier is locked with Ponder if he is healthy. I respect the faith he puts in Ponder, but there comes a point where he breaks your heart one too many times.

Matt Cassel has done a great job filling in, but is he worthy of the starter role? I believe he can do the job but I don’t think he can sustain that success throughout an entire season. This week against Baltimore will be a big test for Cassel if he wants to prove he can start. I think if Cassel performs well against a stout Ravens defense he deserves the job over Ponder.

I’m starting to think the Vikings’ coaching staff doesn’t know what to do with their quarterback situation. Josh Freeman is proof of that. What a waste of money that was, a multi-million dollar contract for a third string quarterback who saw the field once. (I will spare us the memory of Freeman’s only performance of the season.) I hope that was a fluke and Freeman can play at some point before the season ends. When you spend that much money on a guy you have to at least make it worth the team’s while.

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That Giants game was somewhat unfair on the newly-arrived QB. But at this point if he hasn’t learned the offense, there’s a problem. The season is over, give him a chance. It’s not like the Vikings have anything to lose.

I believe as an organization you should exhaust every option before going elsewhere via the draft or free agency. Next season is light-years away; it is important for the team to improve what they can in house before they do anything drastic in the offseason. If the team decides to draft a quarterback then so be it, I will rest easier knowing they tried every option before the end of the season.


As an Alabama fan it pains me to say this, but could you imagine?

Johnny Manziel

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