The strange connection between RGIII and the St. Louis Rams

We all remember the Washington Redskins drafting Robert Griffin III with the second overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft.

We all remember Griffin famously leading the Skins into the playoffs after starting 3-6, winning seven straight to propel Washington to the postseason for the first time in five years.

But what we don’t all remember is how the Redskins traded up with the St. Louis Rams to get Griffin.

RGIII has notably struggled this year, and has been called out for everything from his poor passing to his bum knee to his leadership skills. Because of this, the Redskins have stumbled to an embarrassing 3-9 record and would own the second overall draft pick if the season ended today.

And nobody is happier about the trainwreck in Washington than the Rams.

St. Louis Rams

Sam Bradford

Ironically, the same second pick that the Skins acquired to take Griffin now belongs to the Rams. Will they use it to draft an RGIII of their own?

Sam Bradford tore his ACL this season, an injury that sports fans are quite familiar with. ACL tears have ended many sports careers- will the Rams bail on Bradford in favor of a stud rookie like Teddy Bridgewater? What about Johnny Manziel?

Bradford, 26, was putting together his best season as a pro in 2013 and his contract extends through the 2015 season. That contract is set to pay Bradford about $34 million.

The main argument against the dump Bradford theory is that the organization could have taken Griffin instead of trading their pick to the Redskins. Why take a quarterback now (especially one less talented than RG3) when Griffin was on the table then?

The injury has happened since then, which may change things depending on the organization’s confidence in Bradford’s recovery. If the Rams feel as though Bradford may be affected by this injury, his contract probably isn’t too big to move. He’s only 26, and there are teams desperate for a young and talented quarterback.

But we’ve seen what a catastrophic knee injury has done to quarterbacks, none more vivid than Griffin himself. Sure, it’s not as hard to recover from for pocket passers (a la Tom Brady) but it’s still an injury that weighs on any player’s mind. One lineman rolls up on that knee, and it could be Bradford’s career.

If the Rams hold onto Bradford and the injury slows him in an RGIII-esque manner, then they’ve thrown two years and $34 million down the Mississippi river. By that token, would it be safer for the Rams to ship Bradford off for a few draft picks and take a quarterback with their top pick?

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I say no. Although the parallels are there and that scenario seems to be destiny, I don’t see any quarterback in this year’s draft that can step in and make a difference in year one. Bridgewater, Manziel and Tajh Boyd are all good quarterbacks, but I see all three as more Geno Smith than Andrew Luck. They need time to grow.

What the Rams do is anyone’s guess, but the fact that passing on RGIII has come full circle is certainly intriguing.

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  • Tommy_Fitz

    The RG III thing is water, the Rams don’t have to be so urgent but Bradford should be moved if anyone is desperate enough to sign him. They have draft picks in their hip pocket they just need to use them appropriatly. They also find themselves in the toughest division in the history of the NFL.
    Good Luck Rams,
    Long time fan-(45+years)