The Boston Celtics continue to impress

boston celtics

What is going on with these Boston Celtics right now? They have won five of their last seven games, and have improved to a 9-12 mark on the season thus far. At first glance that doesn’t seem like anything special, but considering the lack of talent on this team, it is quite the feat so far.

The intriguing part of this season so far is that there hasn’t been any singular dominant player that has carried the Celtics, yet collectively as a team, they have managed to pick each other up, and contribute to this surprising start to the season. That isn’t to say there haven’t been any standout players on the team so far, as their are a few that have played well on a pretty consistent basis.

Jordan Crawford has continued to impress as the team’s primary point guard with the absence of Rajon Rondo. He is leading the team in assists, and continued to shoot lights out from beyond the arc.

Jeff Green had a good week, flashing some consistency to his game, while shooting over 50% over the last three games. The goal for the Celtics should be to have Green perform as consistently as he can, increasing his trade value, and potentially including him in a deal involving Rondo. He could help bring the Celtics back some good draft picks and/or players. That would be the biggest assist Jeff Green could ever make for the Celtics.

Jared Sullinger has continued to start for the Celtics, and given head coach Brad Stevens no reason to take him out. While he had a brutal game against the Denver Nuggets, in the two games prior, he displayed his rebounding prowess as well as contributing on the offensive end as well. If Sulllinger could become just a tad more consistent he could really be a useful player on legitimate good Celtics teams going into the future.

Avery Bradley had a rough start to the week with the game in Milwaukee, against the Bucks. He proved resilient in coming back and playing well the following two games. The Celtics are definitely putting a lot more on Bradley’s plate than in years past, and has proved to be inconsistent so far on the 0ffensive end. This is for the best though, for the the Celtics to see if Bradley will be anything other than a defensive specialist.

The rest of the team has picked each other up, like I had said earlier. One game it could be the forgotten Courtney Lee adding some scoring punch, or unbelievably, the much maligned Kris Humphries providing points, and rebounding off the bench.

Above all other events that have occurred so far this season, having Brad Stevens work his coaching magic this early is certainly refreshing for followers of the Celtics. He should only get better with more experience, and in a few years, with potentially more talent on the way via trades, free agency, or quality drafting, Stevens can show how special he is with legitimately talented NBA roster.