Cleveland Cavaliers: Trade talk

Rumors of trade talk are flying around Cleveland right now, something the Cavaliers organization might need address, as they possess a 6-13 record. After investing big money in offseason moves that led to high expectations from everyone coming into this season for the Cleveland Cavaliers, the season hasn’t exactly gone as planned.

The initial rumors of an Anthony Bennett trade came after the overall number one pick had the worst start for a number one pick in the history of the league. Talk was a deal to the Philadelphia Sixers, possibly, who had their eye on him in last year’s draft. Those rumors have almost since dissipated, with Bennett’s better (but still, subpar) play and the Cavaliers’ interest of dealing other players…leading into the active shopping of Dion Waiters.

Waiters, one of the better young guards in the game, has been streaky in his young NBA career. To give context, look at Dion’s last two games. In a nearly 20-point loss to the Atlanta Hawks last night, Dion had 30 points on 13-20 shooting. In Wednesday night’s win against the Denver Nuggets, he was 2-8, scoring five points.

This stat also says something about the Cavaliers’ organization as a whole. In those two games, Kyrie Irving had 0 and 23, respectively; when Dion is taking on the scoring

Cleveland Cavaliers

Who are the Cleveland Cavaliers actually going to move? (Photo credit: Fernando Medina/Getty Images)

role while Kyrie struggles, the Cavaliers are not at their best.

Besides defensive play, this is a huge reason why Waiters finds himself on the trading block. Mike Brown does not seem to believe Dion can be a consistent starting two-guard at this point, something Waiters disagrees with, obviously. Team chemistry is also something Dion Waiters does not seem to be aiding in, clearly.

Rumors were Waiters going to either Chicago for Luol Deng, the Knicks for Iman Shumpert, or the Sixers (who at this point seem to be likely to make some trade with Cleveland this season) for Evan Turner or some sort of multi-player deal.

There were also talks of the Cavaliers’ being open to letting Tristan Thompson and/or Anderson Varejao, but no specific deals have been rumored.

Earl Clark’s name has also been bouncing around.

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If the Cleveland Cavaliers are going to make a move, it should not be from the front court. Tristan Thompson is having a stellar season (75% from the line with the switch of hand) and Anderson Varejao is always a great defensive presence that brings a ton of energy to floor. When the Cavaliers are out rebounding their opponent they are at their best; they have only been out rebounded in one win, where the Wizards had a +1 margin on them.

I also don’t see them likely to move Anthony Bennett, either. I know he has had a horrendous start to his career, but Bennett is still 20 years old, and needs time to develop and mature.

And as for Earl Clark, I don’t see anything happening. He is a consistent, solid player who has the praise of Mike Brown, (at times) that can defend well.

Dion Waiters, on the other hand, seems to be more work than worth effort, at this point. He is a disruptive present who forces shots, lacks defensive focus at times, and plays streaky.

But what can we get for him?

If this Iman Shumpert talk is plausible, I believe the Cavaliers should negotiate for this move. Iman would be a great compliment to the team. He doesn’t need too many shots, plays defense, and has the ability to shoot the three. I know his stats aren’t great this year, but the New York Knicks are in a similar situation to what Cleveland is in right now and I think everyone knows the type of player he is.

Trade or no trade, something needs to change in Cleveland.

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  • DaMarius Mistletoe Crinklefrie

    Are you “actually watching” the Cavs or going by highlights? Iman Shumpert dosen’t need to many shots?! Are u serious? This us laughable. Dion dosen’t play D that may be true. Neither does Kyrie. For out past few wins Kyrie has not been the reqson why we have won, it has been dion. We need to trade Kyrie honestly. Not because he is not a good player, i think he is awesom, but he needs to get traded because the type of point gaurd mike brown wants (defensive minded and push push push) is not kyrie. Mike brown needs an Aaron craft type of point gaurd and the rest of the players are those who woukd stretch the floor and run and defend. I hate to say it….this team needs a semi-blow up. Trade kyrie while we can still something awesome for him. Wish we would have traded andy for deandre jordan. Still think it should happen. Doc would love andy’s energy.

    • Jake

      Aaron craft dude? He’s ur solution for this team give me a break kyrie is a scoring guard if he’s gone and we get another defensive point gaurd who’s gonna score? It’s good to have some defensive guys and that’s what shumpert is for but if u trade kyrie we don’t have a scorer everyone needs to stop hating on the kid he’s 21 or 22 this is only his 3rd year and u wanna trade him cause we r off to a bad start ? Typicall cleveland fan, we r off to a bad start so let’s trade our 1 star player we actually have and start over an continue to play for the draft yeah makes a lot of sense and r u saying kyrie doesn’t push it because he’s always out on the fast break and driving the ball maybe u haven’t watched yet!!

      • DaMarius Mistletoe Crinklefrie

        Oh I have watched and your post makes me wonder if your one if the guys who thinks offense wins championships….you prob are. But thats ok, we alk make mistakes. I love kyrie and dont get me wrong he is a beast, but again THE TYPE OF “GAME” THAT MIKE BROWN WANTS IS DEFENSIVELY OFFENSE. What that means is Defense dictates the offense. Now, Kyrie is not that Point Gaurd. Mike Brown wants defense. Let me say this again so you dont mis what im saying and what i was saying before…..Mike Brown…..Wants Defense!….He wants to push the ball on the break and then have his guys pressure the ball afterwards up the court and down!…..Kyrie….is NOT THAT POINT GAURD…..THAT HE NEEDS! that is what i was saying. I said Craft because that is what HE DOES! WATCH HIM…hes not about points….he’s about team….defense….. and passin that rock! Mike Conley would be great as well….A Gary Payton type player as well (tho there is not one yet in the NBA)…Defense.You trade kyrie for the scoring options rather its a 3 and a 2 or a 3 and a 5 thats going to play every night…that type of thing. I dont know if lebron is coming back or not and honestly dont care. We had him before and we didnt win it but now could be different….he plays better D and has a mean low post game. He scores. Plays D.
        But if he stays or leaves and goes elsewhere and in a year after that Kyrie does the same thing….then what Jake? Hes “driving” to the the hole for someone else and there we have a another talent to somewhere else and we have nonthing again. I watch every game for the past…well two years before Bron got here. The ricky davis’ and darrius miles and O God No…#30 Lamund murrary’s of our teams. I have been watchn for awhile but 2 years before bron got here up to now, never missed a game. Im not saying trade kyrie just for general purpose… thats dumb. But for the brand of bball he wants thats what he needs, and non kyrie type point gaurd. For the record ponts dont matter. He can drive to the hole a million times, he cant defend…Period. Ask that Phonenix team of 09/10 season how much points matter? Or that 10/11 Denver team how bad points matter. you can denver from 2010 and up how bad points matter and then when you do ask how many championships they have won. Dont worry i’ll wait. And then ask the teams that did win the championships those years what kind of point gaurd they had and where those west con and east con champs pg’s do….they played D. the George Hill’s, *gasp* Mike coneley jr…tony parker…even…..Noris Cole! So dude know what u read first before u comment and understand what i was saying. Then also stop being the guy(s) that run onto the court to keep kyrie or lebron here, that just looks desprate. We need some ball players and kyrie is good maybe great…but again FOR WHAT MIKE BROWN WANTS TO DO (DEFENSE FOR 48 MIN)Kyrie is not that. Maybe you should just keep playing 2k and win by sheer points and where Defense dosent matter.

        As for Shumpert…..defense……smh. (In uncle drew voice) ” You young cats will never learn”