Kansas City Chiefs room for improvement

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs vs. Washington Redskins preview. (kcchiefs.com)

The Kansas City Chiefs play the Washington Redskins Sunday in hopes to stop a three game losing skid and potentially clinch a playoff berth. The Chiefs have a tough task on their hands with RG3 and company but look to contain him and the high powered Redskins offense.

The past few weeks

The Chiefs are entering the final quarter of the season, and if anyone told you last year the Chiefs would be 9-3 at this point, you would definitely take it. It is unsettling to some, however, how the Chiefs have gotten to 9-3. Winning nine in a row is great by all standards, but its losing the three in a row that worries people. I have seen things the Chiefs have done the past three games that I have not seen all season and this should squash the feelings of concern people have about the recently losing Chiefs.

The Chiefs failed the entire season to show even a glimpse of a vertical passing game. These past three games have been the hardest stretch of football the Chiefs have faced all season. Facing Peyton Manning twice in three weeks is no easy task no matter who you are. The Chargers are not a great team, but not a terrible team either and Philip Rivers can be a very good quarterback when he chooses to be. So going 0-3 in three close games is not necessarily a terrible thing for a team.

Improving from where they are

Learning from three close loses that could have been victories may just be what the Chiefs need. The Chiefs still have four games remaining and have plenty of time to build steam heading into the postseason. Eventually the Chiefs were going to lose. The Chiefs were never blowing any team out of the water, winning close games, and relying on the defense to bail the offense out of poor performances. Eventually that plan fails and if you have to start competing as a whole team in order to be a playoff caliber team.

It is much better to learn this now then have the so called “easy” part of the schedule at the end of the season and learn you are not as solid of a team you thought you were come playoff time.

What to look for

The Chiefs now have had three tough tests in a row and have had a chance to find out where they are as a group these past few weeks with key injuries on the defensive side of the ball. Sunday’s game is a very winnable game for the Chiefs and you should expect nothing less than for the Chiefs to have a great game on offense and look to improve at what they have started to build these past few games through the passing attack.

Game time: Sunday, December 8 at noon at FedEx Field.

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