Minnesota Vikings: Number one priority is to clean house

The speculation is over as to whether or not the Minnesota Vikings will replace its current coaching staff.

It’s now clear that General Manager Rick Spielman needs to make cleaning house his first offseason priority.

Another game blown in the final quarter is not even the biggest issue with the staff, instead its how they manage their best player, Adrian Peterson.

Peterson went down hard with an ankle injury, and though injuries can’t always be prevented, Peterson is carrying the ball too much. As I mentioned in my last post, Peterson means everything to the Vikings and their future through at least 2017. Peterson will undergo an MRI on Monday to see the extent of the injury.

Minnesota Vikings

Brian Billick would be a viable coaching option for the Minnesota Vikings.
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If the injury turns out to be a season ending one, one can only wonder if Peterson can come back and play the same again. He’s done it before, but injuries take a toll on running backs.

The Vikings are going absolutely nowhere this season, if Peterson comes back he should be getting at most 20 carries per game, and it’s not like the team has no other option because Tony Gerhart has been tearing it up as of late, rushing for another long touchdown in today’s loss.

Frazier and company have put us through one headache of a season thus far and things are only getting worse.

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Blowing large leads in the final quarter is unacceptable. The Vikings are a very talented team, maybe a solid quarterback and a decent secondary away from being at least a solid playoff team, but all of that talent doesn’t show with the decisions the coaching staff makes, especially in the fourth quarter.

This is arguably the most disorganized Vikings team in recent memory.

Vikings fans and star players deserve better. Spielman needs to assemble a new staff with prestige and great NFL experience, someone like Brian Billick?

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  • William Elliott

    Spielman needs to be replaced first. He is responsible for all operations and that job simply isn;t being done

  • TheDoctor67

    Final three games, they better start Freeman to see if he has anything. If not, must draft a QB in 1st or 2nd round. Preferably the 2nd round, and take Javedon in the first. Yes we need a QB, but our defense is a big problem. Once Harrison Smith comes back, our secondary will be fine. Linebackers are ok with Cole in the Middle and Mauti as a back up. We need help on the D-line and O-line primarily. So I go Clowney, best QB, Run stuffing DT, OL, OL, OL (guards).

    • deez

      if you think freeman you are an idiot

      • TheDoctor67

        Don’t know much about Freeman other than he was highly coveted out of college, and that he took the Vikings apart the few times we played against him. I also know that he looked horrible on that Monday night game this year. I need to see more before I can pass judgment.