North Carolina Basketball: The end of the trend?

North Carolina takes care of UNC-Greensboro and now awaits Kentucky

North Carolina takes care of UNC-Greensboro and now awaits Kentucky

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If the game between North Carolina (6-2) and UNC-Greensboro (4-5) could have a title it might just be “the end of the trend”, as UNC took care of business by the score of 81 to 50 in a game where for the most part the Tar Heels did what they had to do to control their inferior opponents. And even if the pessimists might say that the game started with Carolina being sluggish on offense it was not because of effort or willingness.

It was because after good movement and sets the shots taken by the host team were not falling. End of story. It would be a while before the Heels could finally say they had somewhat of a lead, the first clear on being 19 to 13. with over ten minutes past in the first half. Then somehow, someway, or better said thanks to a lot of sloppy play by UNC-G the lead skyrocketed it and the half ended with a 30 points spread, having Carolina on top by the score of 44 to 14.

As I said in my preview UNC-Greensboro would be as easy of an opponent as UNC would find this campaign, the fact that they turned the ball over 21 times resulting in 28 points for the Heels proves my point quite well. Some of these turnovers came in the latter part of the first half, which propelled Carolina int a 25 to 1 run. One of the many UNC-G miscues led to McAdoo doing this…

Just like against the other Spartans, aka Michigan State, there were five Carolina players in double figures in this game. The bigs were led by sophomore forward Brice Johnson, who led all Tar Heels with 14 points, second on that list was James McAdoo with 13 points, but more importantly is that the junior forward is back in double figures once again, also grabbing seven rebounds. Freshman forward Kennedy Meeks had twelve points, to go with eight rebounds on the night.


In the back court both starter hit double digits, with sophomore shooting guard Marcus Paige scoring a dozen, he has been in double figures every single game this year, while having eight assists as well. Freshman point guard Nate Britt got 11 points to go with four assists.

In the end this was the blow out we all thought could be, barring the biscuits (sorry folks), head coach Roy Williams was worried prior to the game about this game against the Spartans…

“I was worried some. Because you know we had a big win vs Louisville but we don’t play nearly as well with the activity, in the next game. That’s basically what we talked about was creating intensity. I didn’t talk about winning or scoring or anything. I just talked about having better concentration and more intensity and I think we did that in first half.”

If there is one stat that I did not care for it was the minutes column, as I was hoping to see Paige sitting next to the coaching staff a lot more in this one instead of leading all Tar Heels with 31 minutes of playing time. Eight North Carolina players were in double digits minutes, while three more got from six to eight minutes of action on the floor.

Was it a total effort for the squad? Besides the stint from the beginning of the second half to the first tv time out I would venture to say yes. The team stayed focused for most of the game, and even if playing against weaker competition they did not let up on the pedal and let UNC-G cut into the 30 point lead.

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In the end the squad passed the test of not letting down after a big win against a superior opponent, now their next test will be even greater as they will host Kentucky next Saturday at the Dean Dome. If the team can overcome that one as well it might just go a long way to prove that the Heels are a force to be reckon with come ACC play and tournament time. Time will tell, and for now that means a week of speculations and guesstimations by media, bloggers and fans alike!