Alabama Crimson Tide- Bandwagon Fans?

After Alabama’s loss to Auburn on Saturday, many stories were surrounding the upset. How Auburn has a chance to win its 3rd title in history while crushing Alabama’s dream of winning its third in a row, how Saban could be leaving for Texas, and lastly, just how many bandwagon fans Alabama has had over the past few years.

 Nick SabanAfter the game last Saturday, death threats began filling several of the players’ twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds, as well as their family members’ as well. Most of the fans supported Cade Foster and Adam Griffith, 2 of the field goal kickers that many say are to blame for the loss. While some “fans” sent death threats, the rest sent encouragement.

When you think about it, does any of this really surprise you? Can you really be shocked that fans would react in this way after winning back to back national championships?

My answer? No. Being a student at Alabama, I’ve witnessed my fair share of “bandwagon” fans. You know, the ones who like to say they support the winning team, even when they can’t name 5 of the starters. Many of these “fans” who were sending death threats to the players after the game Saturday, are the same people who joined the fandom in 2009, after Alabama won its first National Championship since 1992.

No player deserves to be treated like that. Not one player or one person is to blame for Alabama’s loss on Saturday. Since Saturday, many people have written articles, blogs, and even poems showing support for many of the players, especially Cade Foster. I myself wrote a blog. Here’s the link:

Alabama fans are blessed. They have witnessed a dynasty; something every team in the country is envious of. This team has given this school something special, and now it’s time for the fans to give the team something special as well: their loyalty and commitment.


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This teams needs you now more than ever. You can’t just be a fan when they win, you have to be one when they lose as well.

The true Bama fans will always be there supporting the Tide, even when the team’s record shows them reasons not to. They’ll always bleed crimson and white, as well as scream “Roll Tide.” For those bandwagon fans, jump off now. If you can’t support the tide when they’re down, you aren’t allowed to celebrate with them with they’re up.

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  • djbillyd

    The “University sign girl”, right? Loved your piece about the fans that leave early, and your support for Cade. We need more fans like you. There was an idiot on that thought you were, well, obsessing only over Alabama football. He had an idiot friend that agreed with him. I thought they were uninformed tools, and I told them so.
    Keep up your support. We will always have the bandwagon group. It goes with the territory. Keep “obsessing”!