Another week in the top 10 for Duke Blue Devils

The Duke Blue Devils have been ranked in the top 10 all season.  In fact, they have been ranked in the top ten for 223 games now.  This is an impressive streak.  They have a tough upcoming game against UCLA this Thursday.

The game against UCLA is at Madison Square Garden another neutral site game for the Blue Devils.  The Bruins are a top 25 team going in to the game.  They haven’t played any top teams so far this season, so this game will be their first real test.  This should be a great game and an important one if Duke expects to stay in the top ten.

This Blue Devil team is starting to understand what is expected of them, and how to play together.  Going forward they still have a number of challenges on their schedule, and we will see how far they have come since losing to Arizona and Kansas.Jabari Parker

Going forward, this team will be challenged against UCLA and Syracuse, but they also have a great chance at extending this streak all season.  This is another thing to put on Coach Mike Krzyzewski’s resume as the greatest coach ever in college basketball.  There are so many things that make him great, but him doing it with different types of teams just shows how well he can adjust to his teams.  This season he has one of his smallest teams, and can still be ranked in the top ten.  It shows you how great he really is, and how great coaches can adjust their coaching style for each of their teams.

Staying in the top ten this season would be a great feat for this Blue Devils team, and next season will be able to start up there also.  This could be a great streak only being passed by some of John Wooden’s great streaks.

The Blue Devils have the pieces together, and looks like they have the team coming together to prolong this streak into next season.  They have a tougher ACC this season, and could fall out of the top ten.  They have to play North Carolina and Syracuse twice, but with this team coming together they will be much improved and could make this team a hard one to beat.

Duke could fall out of the top ten, but with the most recent recruits that have committed, the future looks bright for the Blue Devils.  If they can stay in the top ten this season they should be able to continue this streak for the foreseeable future.  This will just add to Coach K’s legacy, and should make for a great season.