Miami Heat: Operation get a rebound

The Miami Heat currently have a record of 16-5. Why do they already have five losses? Why have they lost to teams like the Philadelphia 76ers and Detroit Pistons? Rebounding, rebounding, and more rebounding is the reason for four of the five losses for the Heat.

The Miami Heat don’t have the biggest team in the league when it comes to size and other teams are manipulating them. Chris Bosh needs to step it up. He should not have games where Norris Cole has more rebounds or games where he’s only grabbing two rebounds. Udonis Haslem and Michael Beasley also need to make their presence known in the paint by grabbing at least five rebounds a game. LeBron James even has to step up and grab more rebounds. It’s going to take a team effort.i-2_display_image

The games the Heat lost, they were simply outrebounded. In their first loss against Philadelphia, the Sixers grabbed 40 rebounds and the Heat grabbed 31. Bosh had 10 rebounds but Haslem and Chris Andersen had zero. That game could’ve had a different outcome if the Sixers didn’t have so many second chance opportunities. Going back to Heat’s second loss of the season against the Brooklyn Nets, the Nets grabbed 39 rebounds compared to the Heat grabbing 30. Chris Bosh only had four rebounds and LeBron had seven.

Looking at the Heat’s recent loss to the Detroit Pistons, Andre Drummond alone had 18 rebounds. Guess who had the most rebounds for the Heat? Rashard Lewis had six rebounds, tied with Chris Bosh who also had six. That is unacceptable. Everyone else had two or three rebounds and the two Heat leaders couldn’t combine to match Drummond’s 18. How do they expect to when games when one player has that many rebounds? The Pistons ended up with 46 rebounds compared to the Heat’s 30.

Looking at another recent loss against the Chicago Bulls, Joakim Noah had 15 rebounds. Michael Beasley led the Heat with seven rebounds and Bosh had two. The Bulls had a team total of 49 rebounds compared to the Heat having 27. If the Heat grabbed more rebounds, they wouldn’t have five losses. Championship teams don’t get outrebounded the way the Heat have thus far this season.

This is something that has to change. I know the Heat see the problem and LeBron James does; he grabbed 14 rebounds after the Heat lost two straight. Chris Bosh also noticed he has to do better as he has grabbed nine or more rebounds the last two games which resulted in wins against the Minnesota Timberwolves and Detroit Pistons. The Heat will continue to lose if they have poor rebounding performances. When they let one player from the opposing team grab 15 or more rebounds while a Heat player can’t grab more than seven; how can they win?

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Rebounds result in fast break opportunities, second chance opportunities, and better transitioning. After the two game lose streak to the Bulls and Pistons, I believe the Heat realize they have to do better rebounding; it’s a must. The biggest game of the season thus far will be tomorrow night against the Indiana Pacers who are 18-3. The Pacers are ready for the Heat and Roy Hibbert will most likely try to manipulate the small Heat centers in the paint.

How will the Heat win? I believe if they outrebound the Pacers or at least keep it close in rebounding, they will win. Everything else will fall into place if the Heat can be better rebounders.

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