North Carolina Basketball: Tourny of Champs .. 93 vs 12

It's game time... 1994-95 (0-0) versus 2004-05 (0-0)

It’s game time… 1992-93 (0-0) versus 2011-12 (0-0)

And here we go, it’s the first game of the Computerized North Carolina Tournament of Champions with the 1992-93 squad taking on the 2011-12 one. For the older squad we see Eric Montross and George Lynch, while on the younger squad it’s four NBA first rounders in Marshall, Barnes, Henson and Zeller. This should be a great game and the winner will stay undefeated early in this computerized tournament.

Here is the first half of the game (click to enlarge the image)


Montross for the `92-`93 team could not be as useful as he could have been picking up two fouls before the first television time out arrived. Nonetheless the older team took at 47 to 39 lead into intermission. Can the `92-`93 squad hold on to the lead and get the win or will the `11-`12 team come back in the next twenty minutes and snatch the win in their first game in the tournament?

Well, let’s see with the second half of the game (click to enlarge the image)


If it was close in the first half, it sure was not in the second, as the `92-`93 squad outscored the `11-`12 team by 24 points and the final being …


A total blow out for the older squad, lead by Montross’ game high 25 points and game high seven rebounds five from the `92-`93 squad scored in double figures. On the other side it was Tyler Zeller leading in scoring, with 23 points, while Kendall Marshall was the only one with a double double, with 10 points and a dozen assists. Barnes, with 20, and Reggie Bullock, with 10, were the only other double digit scorers for the 2011-12 team.

Here is the full box score of the game …


And with that the 1992-93 team is 1-0 while the 2011-12 is 0-1 as the tournament begins for both squads.