Chicago Bears: The Cutler-McCown controversy

The Chicago Bears are kind of like the stereotypical dweeby kid in high school. You know, the one that can’t find a prom date to save his life during his junior year.

And then the improbable happens. Goober boy sheds the glasses, ditches the braces and somehow becomes an irresistible stud all in one summer. Look out senior year, that dweeb has two prom dates now.

Speaking football code: It looks like the Bears have two quarterbacks after essentially not having one for 50 years, but that’s here nor there.

Frankly, I’m glad I’m not Marc Trestman this week. With Jay Cutler soon likely to return from a high ankle sprain and Josh McCown doing his Rich Gannon/Kurt Warner/(insert ancient yet effective quarterback here) impression, the Bears’ brewing quarterback controversy is already the talk of the town.

You’ve heard all the stats. But they’re just so darn impressive, and honestly, have to put a smile on your face if you’re a Bears fan that was foreign to the concept of competent offensive football for all of these years.

McCown is third in passer rating behind only Peyton Manning and Nick Foles. He currently holds a Bears’ single season record for completion percentage. 13 touchdown passes, one interception. You get the idea.


Then again, Cutler is the franchise quarterback. He is due for a new contract at the end of the year. And for all the time he’s been here, it still doesn’t feel like the Bears truly know what they have in him. He seemed to be picking up Trestman’s system, but McCown looks like he’s mastered it. Or maybe he’s just mastered the art of heaving the ball in Alshon Jeffery’s zip code and expecting him to make a play. Whatever it is, it’s working.

Again I say, poor Marc Trestman.

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Poor Marc Trestman for being too good at coaching quarterbacks. I wonder what Jordan Palmer would look like in this offense, and then I quickly regain consciousness. Trestman could very well sabotage the Bears season for going back to Cutler right now, and he could very well sabotage Cutler’s future as a Bear if he sticks with McCown.

An ideal scenario? Well, consider this. Just imagine what Trestman could do with a hand-picked signal caller out of college. Not only that, but in a class of college quarterbacks that is absolutely loaded. The Bears let Cutler walk, use the money that would have been spent on him to pay anyone that owns a helmet and a tackling dummy to come play defense for them, and let McCown start for the next year or two.

In a few years, one of Johnny Manziel/Marcus Mariotta/Brett Hundley is re-writing the fantasy football record books with Alshon Jeffery and the wily veteran (at this point) Brandon Marshall, the Bears hopefully have figured out their defensive woes and the offensive renaissance in Chicago football is here to stay for the next ten years.

Josh McCown or Jay Cutler. Crazy as it sounds, the implications of this choice could have effects on the Bears franchise long after Mike Ditka learns the pronunciation of McCown’s real name.

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