Who runs the East? The Miami Heat or Indiana Pacers?

Emotions were high for this Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers matchup. In fact, it may have been too emotional for the Pacers, who were not composed at all during the first half compared to the Heat’s championship swagger. That swagger slowly died away during the second half for the Heat, but I’m not worried. The Heat may have lost the game, but it’s early in the season and work still needs to be done.

The Heat led for the entire first half against the Pacers. The Pacers where hyped before the game saying they were treating this like a playoff game. That’s a little childish for the Pacers but I can understand their excitement. You can tell they’re young. They aren’t looking at the big picture like the Heat are. The Heat have a goal of a 3-peat and if beating the Pacers during the regular season is part of it then so be it, but if it’s not then let’s regroup and get ready to win in the playoffs.hi-res-145247699_crop_650

That’s the veteran mindset. That’s the difference in a team who’s been to the finals three years straight and a team who has never been there. So who runs the eastern conference?

Most would say the Indiana Pacers due to their record but I would say otherwise. We’ll see how the Pacers play the Heat in Miami next week. In Indianapolis, the Heat were composed and relaxed for the most part. They weren’t air balling shots, turning over the ball frequently, and overall buying into the hype. The Heat treated it like a regular game considering it’s a regular season game.

It takes a lot to knock the Heat off their throne. I give the Pacers a little credit because they won but remember; it’s only December. We’ll see how they play come playoff time. It’s going to take more than talk to do all of that and Paul George and the rest of the Pacers crew probably realize that after tonight’s game. What does it take to be the best team in the East and better yet, the entire league?

First you need the players and coaching staff. The Miami Heat are led by veterans who have been to the championship, won and lost championships, and overall have the drive and will to win another title. They also have Erik Spoelstra who has the experience and has a great mentor in Pat Riley. It takes confidence instead of cockiness. Most cocky players and teams fall due to overconfidence or underestimating their opponents.

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The Heat organization is very confident, not cocky, and they show that by the way they carry themselves on and off the court. To be the best team you need a leader and the Heat have the best leader and player in the league: LeBron James. To be the best team you also need a strong bench and the Heat have that. A team can’t solely rely only on their starters. Championship teams don’t make multiple mistakes. Championship teams don’t get too emotional and lose composure during big games. The Heat has what it takes to be the best.

In my opinion the Heat are the best the Eastern Conference has to offer. The only other team that can match up with the Heat pound for pound would be the San Antonio Spurs due to their veteran players and coaching. Other than the Spurs, the only thing standing in the way of the Heat 3-peating would be themselves.

The target is on their back, people want to see them fail, teams want to take them out, but in the end it will be the Heat stopping themselves from their own destiny. With leaders like LeBron, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh I doubt that will happen. With a coach like Erik Spoelstra and owner like Pat Riley, I doubt that will happen.

The Pacers will give the Heat trouble, and be a contender, but can they beat the Heat in a seven game series? The Heat’s next matchup will be against the Cavaliers this Saturday.

  • chris

    I completely agree. Its only a a regular season game, the Heat will be ready come playoff time. I love this article