Atlanta Falcons: Dirk Koetter denied

ATLANTA, GA- Earlier this week, offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons, Dirk Koetter interviewed for his old position as head coach for Boise State; a position that was filled by Bryan Harsin on Wednesday.

Boise State, similar to a few other colleges, likes to bring back guys that have worked with the school in the past. Harsin was an assistant coach at the college from 2002 to 2010. Last year Harsin held a 7-5 as a first year head coach for Arkansas State.

When Mike Smith was asked about his thoughts on Koetter interviewing for the job he stated, “I do know that they have had conversations and I’m not going to play that what if game, in terms of ‘what if this happens?’”

Dirk Koetter at Flowery Branch practice. (Photo Credit: Curtis Compton)

Dirk Koetter at Flowery Branch practice. (Photo Credit: Curtis Compton)

Since Smith or the organization won’t answer, this means that Koetter was interested, especially since he was asked and attended a second interview. For those who have never had a job before, getting that second interview is pretty crucial. To say he wasn’t interested in the job is simply blowing smoke at the situation. Regardless the team will still have to address the issues of the coordinators at the end of the season.

Not to mention Koetter was on the right track. The style of offense he ran with the Falcons would benefit a smaller school with good skill players and a lack of good run blockers to deal with the physicality of perennial powerhouse.

In the NFL, this style as well is also trending and compliments the game of Matt Ryan as he is usually a high percentage quarterback that can throw the deep ball on occasion. That being said, I’m not a fan of the running game. It’s unfair to throw all blame on him for that because Steven Jackson was supposed to breathe life into a stale offensive line, but the adjustments made rarely included new looks to the run game.

This will not eliminate a distraction, nor will it provide one as well. Either Koetter or Mike Nolan will probably take the fall as the scapegoat for the season. I suspect Nolan will be given more leeway since he’s had to deal with rookies and an overall lack of talent in the front seven besides Osi Umenyiora.