Detroit Lions: Most unpredictable team in NFL

detroit lions

Jim Schwartz showing off his coaching skills (Photo Credit: Chris Graythen/Getty)

One week it’s SUHHHHH, but the next it’s BOOOOO.

Even with great talent, the Detroit Lions have managed to let down their fans, yet again, this year.

But you know what?  I bet they cream the Ravens this Monday, and all will be good again.  Until the next week when they fall flat on their faces.

After week five of the season the Lions were 3-2, and I wrote an article that predicted them to finish the year 11-5.  I was not writing that to be edgy.  No, I truly believed they would.

When the Lions beat the Dallas Cowboys in stunning fashion I changed my mind.  12-4, I wrote.  I honestly thought that Detroit would finish the 2013 season 12-4.  Now I realize that no matter what my birth certificate reads I am still a foolish, baby man-child.

“Goo goo Lions gahhh gahhh.  Mommy, I wet my Lions sheets!  Can you change them for me please? Roar, Lions!”

But can you really blame me for my optimism?  The Lions looked good this year, really good.  Even now, the only true flaw I see on their roster, albeit a big one, is their atrocious secondary.  What else could be the problem?

Isportsweb’s Joe White puts the fault on head coach Jim Schwartz.  I think that is a great start.

Whether it’s a sluggish first half against the Cleveland Browns or a poor finish against the Philadelphia Eagles, Schwartz does not seem to know how to put a solid game plan together for 60 minutes.

Or maybe it’s not the game plan at all.  Maybe Schwartz’s team is so erratic because he does not have the respect of his players.

When Packers offensive guard Josh Sitton insulted Jim Schwartz on Thanksgiving week, former Lions defensive end Lawrence Jackson did not defend his old coach.  On the contrary, Jackson agreed with Sitton via Twitter.

“I just don’t have a lot respect for him,” Jackson wrote.

You can’t help but wonder how many of his former teammates (current Lions) feel the same way.

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The Lions could make the playoffs this year, and we still may hear fans clamoring for Schwartz to be fired.  Why?  Because a 5-year-old girl could coach this talented of a team and win the NFC North.

Heck, why doesn’t Ford hire that little girl from the AT&T commercials who says “you don’t want to wait to eat your raisins because then they will turn into grapes.”  I think the players would be more motivated to make her happy then to make Schwartz give a giddy smirk.

To defend Schwartz, I do love his passion.  Whenever he throws that headset on the ground, it gets me jacked.  Sadly, that passion is often clouded by his pig-headed, stubborn attitude.

Ask yourself if Schwartz is the kind of player that you would want to play for.  Leave the comments down below or tweet me @isportschris.

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  • BizzyBeeBevill

    I have often wondered about the players and how much respect they really have for Schwartz. I believe very little. Those stupid penalties that this team gets week in & week out wouldn’t be happening if the players had any respect for Schwartz. SUH proved that he had no respect for Schwartz by stomping on that Packers lineman.

  • Joe White

    Well, turnovers are a very big problem. The Lions don’t value the football the way a team making a deep playoff run has to. And you already know how I feel about Schwartz!

  • David Feeler

    Can anyone tell me if JERRY Glanville is available, and why no one has called him yet?