Kansas Basketball: Early season losses help in March

UnknownKansas basketball lost yet another game, making it three out of the last four now. Unfortunately, the close final score was not indicative of the dominance that Florida showcased. They held an eight to ten point lead for the majority of the game until about the last minute. Kansas was out rebounded, out hustled, and quite frankly out everything. These young kids were not ready for this kind of atmosphere, and that was shown when no one stepped up to stop the 21-0 run in the first half.

Everyone is getting their panties up in a bunch about the early record they have. This is the best thing that could ever happen to this team. The mistakes this team is making can be easily corrected by March. Some people are failing to realize that Kansas lost all five starters last year.

Think about that for a second. There is not one person starting that has any starting experience under Bill Self.

They have one of the toughest schedules in the nation this year, so yes Kansas is going to lose a few more games than what is usually expected out of them. They probably won’t win the Big 12 this year, but isn’t a national championship trophy so much sweeter? This team is built to make a run in the tournament once they fix some of their miscues.

This young team is going to learn a lot more from losses than they will from blowout wins. An easy schedule this year would greatly diminish their chances in March. Most of these players haven’t had to face losing in their entire life. All these young kids are beside themselves looking up at the scoreboard at the end of the game and seeing fewer points than their opponents. Losing is only going to motivate them that much more to work hard in practice, and not take the little things for granted.

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What would this team learn from beating scrub teams by 30 every night? These close games in wild atmospheres are exactly the kind of experience Kansas needs to grow. Its a maturing process that needs to take place more than anything. Bill Self is the main reason for why people should have confidence. He is a great coach, and is sure to fix these problems if given time. Self has proven each and every year that his teams are immensely better at the end of the year than the beginning.

Another thing to take away from this game is what Andrew Wiggins was able to accomplish. That very well may have been his coming out party. Maybe this game is exactly what he needed for a confidence boost going forward. Wiggins single-handedly brought them back in the second half and lived up to his hype. He was without a doubt the best player on the floor last night. Hopefully this made him realize how important he is to this team, and will make him more assertive.

Kansas is probably going to lose a few more games, and might not even get the one seed in the big dance, but how often do the one seeds win it anyway? By the end of the season, these games won’t mean anything besides going through their maturity process. Jayhawk fans listen up. Don’t worry about these losses and just be sure you’re there to support them in the tournament.

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