Miami Heat: Chalmers inducted into Alaska Hall of Fame

You can say Mario Chalmers is having a pretty successful basketball career. He’s a two-time NBA champion, a NCAA champion and a two-time high school state champion. What more could a player ask for?

Chalmers was inducted into the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame Monday for the 2014 class. He’s a native of Anchorage, Alaska where he led the Bartlett Golden Bears to two state titles. Coming out of high school, Chalmers was ranked the number two point guard according to

Being inducted into any Hall of Fame is an honor and Chalmers deserves it. Chalmers is one of six basketball players in this Hall of Fame, with another popular name being Carlos Boozer of the Chicago Bulls who is a Juneau native. Selections for the Hall of Fame were made by a nine-member panel, with a public vote counting as the 10th ballot.mario-chalmers1

From high school, to college, to the NBA; Chalmers has had a successful career. He has the nickname “Super Mario” due to the clutch shot he sank during the 2008 NCAA championship game, forcing overtime against Derrick Rose and the Memphis Tigers. Chalmers will always be remembered for that shot and in honor of his success at Kansas, his No.15 jersey was retired earlier this year.

Besides college he has had plenty of success with the Miami Heat and will continue to. He was a second round pick, 34th overall in the 2008 draft, and is currently a starter for the Heat. He’s doing well for himself. He makes around four million dollars a year and has two humongous rings to wear on his fingers or keep on display. He is the founder of the Mario V. Chalmers Foundation which helps fund programs for breast cancer research and supports athletic and educational programs for youth. Chalmers also had his first basketball camp in the summer of 2012 called “Miracle Shot” basketball camp which was held in Salina, Kansas.

Why was Chalmers inducted into this Hall of Fame?

Well, Alaska isn’t known much for basketball but even if it was, he would probably still get inducted. How many NBA players can say they won multiple state championships, won an NCAA championship, and have two NBA titles? Not many can say that and Chalmers also has solid stats from his rookie year to now.

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Standing at 6-2 and weighing 190 pounds, Chalmers is a tough player. His first season in 2008 and 2009 with the Heat, he averaged 32 minutes a game, shot 42 percent from the field, 36 percent beyond the arch, 76 percent from the foul line,  4.9 assists, and 10 points a game. That’s a solid rookie season.

During his first championship season he average 28 minutes a game and kept his other averages close to the same. Chalmers has five years of NBA experience and has an average of 27 minutes a game with 386 games played. He also holds an average of 42 percent from the field, 37 percent for 3-pointers, 79 percent for free throws, 3.7 for assists, and 8.4 for points.

Chalmers is a solid player and is turning into a well-known point guard in the NBA. I’m sure the Miami Heat organization is proud to have a player like Chalmers and Alaska is proud to have a player represent Alaska well.

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