North Carolina Football: Fedora and Texas

Larry FedoraAlmost three months ago I wrote on this blog a post entitled “Could UNC be done by Coach Mac again?” Talking about the fact that if the former North Carolina coach, at the University of Texas now, was to either retire or let go, our own head coach Larry Fedora, could be looked at as a replacement. Well, three months later, and let the rumors begin and the carousel spin.

Last night Mark Armstong of ABC News tweeted this…

Along with that, it seemed that every “source” out there is saying that Mack Brown is done at Texas. So the speculations are now in full swing. Enough so that this morning on SportsCenter Brett McMurphy, who has been tweeting himself that sources say the coach in Austin is out, said coach Fedora might have an “outside shot” at the job. One that would put the head man in Chapel Hill in the same school where his daughter is a student at.

I am not sure that the Fedora to UT will happen, at least not this time around, mostly due to the fact that if coach Brown will be gone due to the fact he is not winning enough. Not sure the university, the fan base, the boosters and all the rest will accept as a replacement someone who has yet to win enough at a lower school. Yes, hate me for this, but I am sure that Texas believes Carolina to be a lower level football school then theirs.

On a side note, if North Carolina played the first half of the season like the did the second, the “outside shot” might be a lot more solid than it is right now. How many times have I read that this team was a few extra minutes of good playing or a handful of extra good plays away from a 9 and 3 season. Well, had it been that way, maybe with UNC having gone to the ACC Title game instead of Duke, and I might just be talking about “who would be the next head coach at UNC”. But that did not happen, and that might be the reason why coach Fedora will be back in Chapel Hill next season.

On the other hand, this just shows the catch 22 of being a middle of the pack school/program when it comes to college football. If the school wins it then needs to be able to throw the money at its coach or the “big boys” will sweep him up, and if not, you will be just be a stepping stone for the next “big time program coach”, and I doubt that Athletic Director Bubba Cunningham and the college want to be labeled as that.

I believe that come next season the man leading the football team will be Larry Fedora, but if you tell me that he will be here 2-3-4 years from now… that I would be a lot less convinced of. Fedora’s offense is one that the fan base loves, that sparks the stadium, who can recruit well anywhere, and with a good defensive coordinator to take care of the other side of the ball, UNC’s head man could probably win anywhere in the country.

It might not be Texas this season, but if next year a SEC team comes calling, like Florida, are we sure that Carolina can find a way to keep Fedora in Chapel Hill? A long time ago we lost coach Mack to the Longhorns, I would not be surprised if we lose coach Fedora to a SEC a year or two from now. And that is the sad reality of the coaching carousel in college football.