Oakland Raiders help out with Toys for Tots

Darren McFadden and Marcel Reece meet with two excited fans.

Darren McFadden and Marcel Reece meet with two excited fans.

“It’s a good thing because it’s for charity where you just come out and donate toys and get to hang out with us and we get to hang out with you. So it’s fun for us because we get to give back and we get to have fun with the rest of the fellas, the fans and just have a good time for a good cause,” said Marcel Reece of the Oakland Raiders about the Toys for Tots event held at the Southland Mall today.

Toys for Tots is an organization started by a reserve Marine back in the 40s. The foundation accepts new or gently used toys and donates them to underprivileged children.

The Oakland Raiders teamed up with the organization in Hayward, California. Terrelle Pryor, Marcel Reece, Darren McFadden, Rod Streator, and Marquette King, along with two Raiderettes, met up with a group of Marines to give autographs in exchange for toys.

This event gave the Raiders an opportunity to meet and converse with fans of the Raider Nation while promoting a good cause. “It’s been insane. There was literally a line wrapped around the mall,” said one of the Raiderettes of the crowd that came to donate. The Raiders players were all smiles as the swarms of people crowded in to meet them and donate their toys.

Joining up with the military every year for this event also gives the Raiders a chance to show their support for their armed forces. “It’s always an honor, for one, to be around Marines because they do so much for us to be able to live the free life that we live here,” said Reece.

Again, the Raiders show continued effort to support their community and help out nationwide. This says much about the characters of the Raiders’ players and their willingness to help those less fortunate and interact with some of their fans.

A truckload of toys was donated to the foundation, and a second Toys for Tots event will be held next Monday at The Raider Image in the Southland Mall.