North Carolina Basketball: Henson says how he feels

With all the universities under the NCAA, someone could spell this out to the people In Indianapolis!

With all the universities under the NCAA, someone could spell this out for the people In Indianapolis!

Most know of the old saying that goes “a picture says a thousand words”. In most instances that could very well be the case, but when it comes to the picture, shown below, of former North Carolina power forward John Henson, a picture says just one word…


…and for most of the UNC fan base that word is pretty much spot on. However for me it’s a bit off the mark, or maybe a lot, since what the NCAA is doing is a lot larger than a scam, it’s holding someone’s future in their hands for way too long. The reality is simple, what P.J. Hairston and Leslie McDonald did is wrong, but so is what the NCAA is doing. So, again, time for an old saying here… “two wrongs do not make a right”.

Holding back the final result, whatever that might be, is holding back their futures, especially Hairston’s. If he was to get back on the college courts, then he could be pushing himself up the NBA draft with his skills, earning him more money! And if not, and he was out for good, he could be in Europe, in the NBDL, or elsewhere earning himself a paycheck. Either way, with how the NCAA is dealing with this issue is costing a young man money that he may never make back.

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If someone was put on “leave without pay” and then not told for months about his future I am sure that this would not go over well in the real world. But somehow, since the NCAA seems to be above the law, they can do as they feel. They are allowed to run things as they wish without any fear of reprisal from anyone. I went back and forth on this before putting it into this small post, but finally I decided to. I was not happy at first that the Government got involved with MLB, but in the end it did do some good. It’s about time that the people on Capitol Hill should once again get in the middle of sports, for many reasons.

I keep hearing how not allowing young men going from high school to the NBA is unjust and should be against the law. Well, not giving them due process is worst, is it not? So, while I applaud John Henson for saying it how he feels, to me someone needs to make a shirt saying “unconstitutional” in that blue circle and then I will be the first in line to buy one!

  • Mike-mike

    PJ should be thankful to still be part of the team. FACE IT…MAN-UP!!! YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELF AND OUR TEAM.

    • A_E_M

      No one is disputing that, the fact is people who have done a lot worst, get due process a lot quicker. I am not saying that the NCAA should let him play or not. I am saying that the NCAA should make a decision so that he has a chance to go on with his life. Nothing more or less.

    • Lzncwc66

      Yes he did do the crime and is doing the time mike-mike. But the NCAA holding both him and Leslie hostage by not announcing how many games they are suspended is unfair to everyone on the team, the University and most importantly both Leslie and PJ. Suspensions can be easily accepted but if you were in their shoes you would and at least deserve an answer. Especially when the only evidence they have on either of them AT WORST earns a 13-15 game suspension. I think you need to re-read the article to see what is actually being said. He is not saying a suspension should not happen, he is stating that the NCAA is holding them hostge for no reason other than because they can. It is unfair to everyone. They need to make a damn decision.